So you may wonder….

How in the world did I get to where I am?? Living at my 1st ex-husbands…paying rent…sleeping on a couch (though it’s now upgraded to a bunk bed that I share with my daughter. And of which I am eternally grateful for)… taking 5 different medications for depression, anxiety, and manic depression? Ok, maybe not that many, but you get the drift.
And sadly, that’s not the worst part. The absolute worst is that I am not residing with my 2 smallest children. A man physically abused my son… which caused the hell on earth events that have turned my life in every direction besides the one I would like to be in. Yes, my son is safe and healthy and ALL my children are doing amazing. Is that enough?? Should be. But hell no. I want the fuckhole who abused my son to pay for his crime. I hope he finds Jesus because if I ever see him… it will take all my strength to walk away and allow the Universe to do what it will to him.
Is there anything wrong in wanting justice for my son?? Absolutely not. There would be something terribly wrong if I took a crowbar to the – monster of a man child abusers head – after stumbling upon him one evening… but I tend to not wander, and for good reason.

I love to hear from my fellow "Muses"... please share your thoughts!

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