Tingles up my spine, in my hands, feet, neck, head.
Sounds magnified by a billion… clanks, swooshes, drips, music from a house over, barking dogs, cars, the energy in my head. I swear I hear clown cars, elephants, people murmuring, popcorn bags crinkling, horns, tinkering bells, shoes shuffling, children laughing, a circus in my head.
Every sensation is intensified 100 fold. Every ache is a pain, every touch leaves a scorching path, every chill becomes a pleasantly painful shiver. Running my fingers through my hair is brutal yet somehow intoxicating.
I flee from tears to happiness… often irritable with boundless energy. BOUNDLESS energy. Days become nights, and then nights back to days. Images fly through my head one after another. Dirt, trees, a smiling lady, retro car, beach, sand, beer, the sky, moon, stars, babies, holding hands, fire, weeds, butterfly, black and white photos, gidget, music notes, piano, stadium lights, cars, people chattering, relay for life, school, books, money, flying, dreams, galaxies, GOD, energy, Far above the earth, above the stars, flying in a luminous light… tingling head to toe.
This, my friend, is my mania. Welcome to my world.

© bipolarmuse 2010

10 thoughts on “Tingles”

  1. Thanks for doing so ;)

    A lot of times, when I am in a state of mania and lying in my bed, voices and conversations would echo through my head. No…not those kind of voices :P I know that they are not talking to me. It’s more like my mind trying to get rid of all the garbage.


    1. It is crazy Carla, I just KNEW that I would have an aneurism one day because I could hear the swooshing of my blood being pumped with each heart beat. That intensified my fear. I would wish it on nobody. ♥


  2. Great post! I often feel as if I have electricity surging through my veins during mania. And my brain feels like fireworks. It’s wondrous and terrifying at the same time.


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