16 comments on “A Robert Frost Quote

    • Thank you so much… I have to find faith, hope, and beauty. I can see little bits here and there… which as you know, are very needed with these disorders.
      So glad you found me. :)


    • I love Robert Frost… but what is odd is that I have read this poem many times, and only this stanza is what I remember most. lol.
      Thank you ‘Nessa…as always, your words lift me up.


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  2. I love this quote. I paraphrased it in a piece I wrote called Promises which I published on my blog. Do you know that Leonard Cohen also references it on the album 10 songs in a track called A Thousand Kisses Deep. I can recommend this not only as a song but lyric wise it is quite something.


  3. Beautiful! I enjoyed this so much. Yes, at times I too would like to get lost in the dark woods and be welcomed by a velvety black embrace of peace, to rest from the long journey and seek peace….but there are still promises to be kept and lessons to be learned….lovely thoughts from you…from this you can tell what a loyal, loving and devoted mom and friend that you are….I applaud you with your efforts to journey on….well written….thank you
    love and light


    • He makes the woods sound so refreshing… and peaceful doesn’t he?? I love this, but yes, still a journey to be had. :)
      Thank you my friend for your kind, loving words. xoxo


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