Lets Talk Mood Swings~ and a Quote

“On a bad day I have mood swings- but on a good day, I have the whole mood playground”.

~Charles Rosenblum


I have been reflecting on my blog and looking through my various posts and poems.

I do not know if my faithful followers have noticed, but I can see a significant mood swing simply by my works alone on this blog… but only one. Granted, I am usually pretty fortunate and very in tune with my moods and I can usually spot them from a mile away. This one I didn’t really see. Why? Because it was very gradual.

I believe I started off in a normal mood, and then it gradually escalated to perhaps a “hypo-manic” type, and then cycling (which would explain the crying spells/blues/irritation though I felt overall pretty well), and then a bit of depression. A “normal” depression though because it came after I visited my babies, so that is a normal “grieving” process. Sadly, it has lasted over a week, but I do feel a steady increase in it wearing off. Yesterday was a sad day, but also one to rejoice in. And today I get to shop for discounted Valentine’s items which makes me happy. Here I come knee high socks covered in hearts and my favorite, Ring Pops!

I just noticed the mood swing and wanted to see if anyone else had noticed it a little bit. LOL, or maybe I am off my rocker. Hehe, just a joke. Got to have fun and laugh… it is good for the soul.

As for the quote, I found it hilarious! HAHA, the “whole mood playground”? I am not sure if I would only want the swings or the whole enchilada but nevertheless, I found it funny and thought I would share.

I hope all had a nice Valentine’s Day and showed themselves and others some love… and continue it daily. We deserve that for ourselves… and kindness to others will help us as well. ♥


22 thoughts on “Lets Talk Mood Swings~ and a Quote”

  1. Hello BiPMuse, I have definitely noticed different moods in your themes, but I have only been reading your blog for the past two weeks or so since you happened upon my blog and commented on one of my posts, so that isn’t much of a timeline for me to get to know much about you as a person.

    But I do frequent your blog because I really appreciate your honesty and candor, and because I want to learn–it’s rare (and refreshing) to find someone who is so open about her own inner processes, and so I am learning and paying attention, and seeing what insights I can gain and apply to my own relationship with my muse and better undertsand her and her triggers.

    And Valentine’s Day was very very nice.

    I hope you have a good day and enjoy the after VDay sales!

    Kindest regards,



    1. Hi john, Thank you for the comment! I really appreciate you coming and reading and I hope you do find insights that will help in your relationship with your muse. :) That would be a beautiful thing. Any and all insight is helpful for us all.
      I know for me personally, it is hard to find people who relate or who you can draw from with these disorders. We don’t wear tags on our sleeves with our disorder written on them. This blog has been a God send for me because I have met those who have suffered mood disorders and are open to share their experience with me… and I have met those who just struggle with life. We can all learn from one another. :)
      Again, thank you. I was surprised that you could tell the different moods… but they do say that “others” can usually give us a heads up before we even process that a change is coming.


      1. Thank you for the reply to my comment. And I usually have a very good sense of when my fiancee is relasping or straying inwardly from being interested in me and the relationship and becoming more interested in indulging her neurosis. From my perspective, she’s losing perspective, taking life and me and health and time for granted. Everyone tends to do this–take things for granted / lose perspective; but when my fiancee does it, it can sometimes lead to some very erratic and impulsive and selfish things.

        To me, it’s really simple–everything in life we either take for granted or we take for gratittude. Being in (and out) of this relationship, has really driven this point home to me.

        My fiancee has a lot of tells. Some start first thing in the morning–does she roll right out of our bed and start go go going with her day? Does she get up first thing and start reading escapist new age blogs (I’m not calling all new age blogs escapist; some are; some aren’t). Or is she warm towards me? There are other tells too–how much she is helping out with the housework; headaches (stress related), what sorts of TV shows she is watching and how much, how much she initiates conversations with me and on what topics, et cetera, et cetera. I’m naturally a very conscious and observant type of person, so naturally I am paying attention, noticing things.

        Anyways, it’s a journey; and one day at a time,

        Kindest regards and thanks again for your response to my response!



  2. I quite find the the illustration of the mood swings up top interesting. I think it’s funny when we feel up and down like that. I tend to feel up and down when I’m really anxious about something…sometimes it feels like an anxiety attack and I can’t breathe..and I find it difficult to express myself properly during those times because I’m way too busy freaking out.

    I think that we all have changes in mood, and when I look at the number of swings I see up there, it gives me the impression that we also choose which mood we want to swing on and we also choose how long we stay on that swing. Hopefully we don’t swing with the wrong ones for too long. It’s better to find a time to stop swinging and Hop on the bandwagon that leads us somewhere far from the swinging motions I say. Easier said than done though but I think that if you are able to express yourself no matter what mood you’re in, I think that in itself is progress because you at least can measure how long you stay from one mood at a time. and then it is much easier to identify and isolate what was happening or what was in your environment at the time to trigger these moods. ok…trailed off on the subject but it is food for thought.

    I really like the way you express yourself in poetry and in thought no matter what mood you are in because you do it so well and you are quite the imagineer. ;)\

    Stay blessed!


    1. Nighshade, again… your comment amazed me. I didn’t even think too much into the picture when I chose it. I did like that it had cloudy skies, everything was turned upside down, and that there was more than one swing. Maybe I liked the more than “one swing” idea so I didn’t see it as being stuck on that one swing. Very interesting thought. :)
      Staying in the bad moods for too long is what causes damage, and that includes hypo-mania which I find very productive. And finding the trigger is important. I think mine was my upcoming visit to my children. Hopefully I won’t continue because I was hoping to see my oldest children soon, and that fell through at the moment. :(
      Thank you for the beautiful compliment! I feel like I have been slacking in the writing/poetry department. I must get back on track, put normalcy in my life. :)


  3. It’s interesting to look back at some of what we write and see how our mood was and changed. It’s even interesting to become aware of the mood at that moment, and how just becoming aware of it without any reaction can sometimes change it. Another wonderful post! Thanks.


  4. You are so keen and in tune to your thoughts….I did not notice anything significant, but perhaps it is because I too am subject to fleeting moods, and hold the knowledge and accept the fact that I am a little different all the time, changing from minute to minute, day to day, or week to week. I have given myself room to be a little of anything and everything so that I never feel stuck in a rut in my emotions, and I can grow with greater freedom from expectations, those that others may have of me, and the ones I carry for myself. I do know this, that you stay true to form in everything I have read by you, and am inspired by your loving heart, honesty, openness, vulnerability, and willingness to keep going….that my dear, like a rock, does not seem to change about you. May you flourish in every season, no matter how dark and stormy it may feel.
    much love and goodwill to you


    1. I love how you do not confine yourself and don’t find yourself in a mood “rut”. You definitely gave me some food for thought and I am all ears when you speak. :) We should all make room for ourselves to be anything and everything we need to be.
      Celeste, your words always touch me. Honesty, openness, and vulnerability are all traits I am learning. It is not easy for me because I am so use to keeping these protective walls up. I think my writings and this blog is helping me to grow and change little by little.
      Thank you my friend, you inspire me. :)


  5. It’s distressing when our moods are so often out of control to even think that we might not be maintaining stability. Myself, I’m prone to anxiety attacks and severe depression and I remember hearing “So is everything okay?” so much that it actually induced a panic attack once. It’s a slow process sometimes, accepting that no one is always “stable”, that everyone moves from joy and sorrow and anger and peace…. And that even the most normal person in the world is often in less control of these feelings than we expect.

    It’s liberating and frightening. But we really all are just doing the best we can. And you are doing great, Muse.


    1. Thank you! What I often need to remind myself of is that everybody has mood swings… and we all can feel out of control. I think I need to get a bit of meditation into my life. :)
      I hate panic attacks… I think they are vicious and cruel… so life altering. When I had my last breakdown that meant all my family finally knew about my disorder… if someone asked “So you were diagnosed bipolar?”, it would send me right into a panic attack. ugh


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