Your Hidden Pieces

Your Hidden Pieces


Sitting in emptiness,

reminiscing of a past time.

Writing out this hurting heart.

On the floor, head bent, deploring

On paper…this fire in my mind.


Your scent in the air, are you here?

I glance over this room,

Play you, Gyrating, in my mind.

Books with hidden messages…

Purposely left, for me to find.


I scream, but there is only an echo.

No sign of you to be found.

Only your scent and presence felt,

Your hidden pieces of love everywhere…

Everywhere I look. Is this real?


You leave me wondering, in awe.

A year has passed, one year precisely.

Are you showing me you are near?

Fire alarms piercing through one room,

Then to another, your presence causes no fear.


One year, passed and gone.

Left me suffering the brutal choice…

Of your own hands. Your watch I find…

Stopped on exactly that unsavory day.

A year later, on the date… you torture my mind.

© bipolarmuse 2012

*This is written from a very real incident in 2003. My Ex committed suicide at the end of May 2002, and was buried the beginning of June. One year after the exact day of his burial, me and my best friend/ roommate were sitting at the kitchen table and she remembered what day it was and asked me how I was doing, I told her I was ok. Next thing we know, the fire alarm went off in my room, then hers, and last, her mothers room. As we ran upstairs into each room, they turned off without us doing anything to them. Then later that night, another good friend and I were watching a movie and I mentioned what happened, as soon as I did, my fire alarm went off again. I would get faint scents of his cologne and find little notes that he wrote inside the books I loved to read. One book was called “Rivers End”, and I found another note in the back of our photo album… amongst other books.

The watch incident is also true. I found the watch in his tool box and it was no longer working, stuck on the same date that he was buried. All very odd experiences… of which were shared with my roommates. I do not know what I believe about the afterlife, but it was a very different experience for me to have these things happen. *

14 thoughts on “Your Hidden Pieces”

  1. Dust to dust
    Ashes to ashes
    A ghost still haunts my past

    From place to place
    Your touch in flashes
    Like fire that will not last

    Please stop, my love
    My love is no more
    Your flame just hurts me so-

    I’m sorry I left-
    But was it a theft
    For you to punish my soul?

    I just got it while reading this and it gave me shivers all down my spine! Thankyouthankyouthankyou!

    I mean, it’s sad and beautiful and it hurts, but it’s- good! Thank you for writing such hauntingly awesome poetry, please don’t stop writing. <3


    On a more serious level, that's scary! :/
    I get scared when I have to sleep with the light off! I can't imagine having weird stuff like that all happening at once. I wonder if he meant to set off the fire alarms or if that just happened when his ghostly presence flew past them? it is a mystery.


  2. Your poem is beautiful!! Thank you for writing that… it gave me the shivers.
    I am not sure of what to think of the fire alarms, but for them to go off in three rooms, one after another is just plain odd. It didn’t make sense in the least.
    I have several other experiences with him that I shall write about but I must say that the most haunting to me was the hidden notes… he know he was leaving this world…he knew I would find them. Also, I would smell his cologne all the time. Like he was sitting right beside me. That only occurred when I was alone.
    Very chilling. ♥


  3. Wow, that’s really amazing and yes, that does give me the chills as well. Maybe the alarms are a supernatural sign to remember the beauty of the past rather than the grief of what is lost which is also triggered by the scent of his cologne.


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