9 comments on “The Sunshine Award

  1. Thank you my dear.
    I am surprised, especially since I have been feeling so poorly lately and do not feel that my blogging has been up to par.
    Still, not all together, but trying to get the blog back on it’s regularly scheduled programming…wha ever that means. hahahaha

    thank you again,
    love and hugs


    • I know you haven’t been feeling well :( But you keep on going, and you are very strong and I feel that I always here a little humor and lightheartedness in your tone. Very deserving of the sunshine award. You bring sunshine to me my dear friend.


  2. So I havent done the blog where I express how touched and happy I am that you have nominated me for the sunshine award. (its been kinda hectic for me this week! :/) But before I eventually get to doing it, I want to thank you so much, it warms my heart that ppl are actually reading my feelings and thoughts, and I am grateful that I found this site, because all of you writers are all amazing in your own way ;) .

    thanks again!


  3. Your description of colors made me do a little dance inside and the Paint experience answers why….pink glitter….weeeeeeee….

    I microwave my coffee water for 1:55 because 1+5+5-11 and well, you know that story. ;) Even thought 11 is odd 1+1 is 2 so it’s all good…


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