A Lovely Week

I have been MIA for a short time having a great time playing tourist and chillaxin with the big kids.
We have been having a blast! I wanted to assure those who have messaged or emailed me that all is good and I will be doing major damage control on my blog after this weekend. :)
So you may ask “what does one do in Las Vegas early on Saturday morning˝… not long ago,  this was my normal time for stumbling in… haha. Today I am sitting in a lovely Viagra shirt loaned to me by my daughter…sippin juice…and listening to Boyfriend by Justin Bieber. DON’T JUDGE ME. Hahaha!
Hope you all have as lovely of a weekend as me.

19 thoughts on “A Lovely Week”

  1. BPMuse,
    Good to see you back.
    And I do judge you for listening to that “shameful” Canadian export of ours…
    Le Clown


  2. I love hearing this. Lovely. I love weeks like this. Wrapping up the weekend without a pounding hangover is surely a lot more fun. :)


  3. Chillaxin baby! Good for you. :) Where do I get a Viagra shirt, that’s hilarious really haha Good to hear from you and sounds like you’ve got a wonderful even keel going there. :)


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