Shunryu Suzuki Quote

“When we have our body and mind in order, everything else will exist in the right place, in the right way. But usually, without being aware of it, we try to change something other than ourselves, we try to order things outside us. But it is impossible to organize things if you yourself are not in order.” ~Shunryu Suzuki

Wow! So much truth in this simple concept. We have to have our own minds and BODIES in control. Once we succeed in doing such, all else falls into place…  where it belongs. I know myself personally, I am always trying to control external things that beyond my control. Releasing control takes practice but it brings much relief once you learn how to do so.

Perfect personal example: In 2008 I was in a constant state of anxiety/panic that when my blood pressure would be taken, it was through the roof. Since it was so high, they feared heart problems and sent me to a cardiologist. After running many tests and even using a halter monitor to monitor my heart beat for 24 hours, the doctor told me my heart was fine. My mind and body was not fine though because my mind was convinced I was dying, which made my heart RACE and body hurt. The cardiologist told me, “Once you get your anxiety in control, everything else will fall in place and your health problems will vanish”. He was right. Now, though I still have “white coat syndrome” from the experience, all of my other health problems have disappeared since my panic attacks/anxiety are under control (knock on wood).

A healthy mind will produce a “healthier” body, and a healthy mind and body will in turn affect our external environment.

Here is a little “funny” associated with this post…. when I read this quote, since my mind has been in a silly and fun mood, I instantly thought of Annie… And Miss Hannigan. LOL. Miss Hannigan was a mess and the orphanage was a mirror to the internal mess she was. “We love you Miss Hannigan”. Hahahahaha.

10 thoughts on “Shunryu Suzuki Quote”

  1. I love the quote you shared. I think it’s a very simple yet poignant concept. I would love to re-blog this post.


  2. It is often the simplest of things that can and do remind us of balance, and it remind’s us that we are somehow able to achieve this balance it’s not as impossible as it feel’s at times. Another great Blog thank you


  3. A powerful and definitive truth that so many turn a blind eye to. There have been so many times when I’ve been in the dumps, and simply doing something physical eliviated those feelings. Our bodies are capable of producing endorphins and adrenaline which can make all the difference, but we have to get up off of our asses to take advantage of it. :)


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