Sweet Taste

Sweet Taste

Fearless. Strong. Empowered.

Life emanating from every pore.

Anxious for this beautiful life,

And all that it has… all it has in store.

Brave. Meek. Humble.

I faithfully see with new eyes…

Glory of the sun, flowers, the bumble bees.

I see the glory of this perfect gift of life.

Enchanted. Auspicious. Versed.

With the faithful rising of the majestic moon,

New dreams are felt, believed, seen.

In the rays of the sun…realities. Realities loom.

Hope. Belief. Faith.

Dazzled, I behold the dreams dancing in place.

Moments so alluring, radiant, surreal…

So close to me… I get a tantalizing sweet taste.

© bipolarmuse 2012

14 thoughts on “Sweet Taste”

  1. I just stumbled on your blog through the tag surfer. I liked the poem. I have found that I’m more stable lately and this poem sort of echos my feelings about stability. It’s as though I have a new perspective and outlook on the rest of the world.


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