Bipolar Quote of the Day

Manic Depression was more than a mental disease: it was a mind-set, it colored everything ~ Terri Cheney

Wow, this is so true. It seems Bipolar (aka Manic Depression) invades every piece of your life…saturates every single fiber of who you are. I have mentioned before that I cannot differentiate myself from the disorder. It does color everything in my life. It is like my entire life, everything I smell, touch, see… is tainted by the color of Bipolar disorder.  It is tainted. Literally. Although I think that I need to start looking at this disorder as a blessing.

Does it have catastrophic consequences at times, YES! However, I cannot imagine a life where I do not “feel” so intensely… where I do not “think” so deeply, a place where I do not have the “art” of words. Words make my world come to life and I could not imagine not having the ability to form them into an art.

Is it a curse? Perhaps…. but it is also a “gift”. A gift I wouldn’t wish on anyone… Hahaha.

As far as I personally go… I think it touches my poetry in a beautiful away and it touches my soul and spirit in a way that makes me share my world with you.. the good and the bad… the beautiful… the dark… the light that still shines within me despite my trials and tribulations.

It is worth the fight… the art… the deep thinking. For me anyhow.

36 thoughts on “Bipolar Quote of the Day”

  1. Fantastic blog girl, is it a curse, nar its a gift, its a talent and you use that gift and talent to its full potential, your brilliant, and your blogs as I have said before are a blessing x


    1. Thank you Angel. Your comments ALWAYS mean a-lot to me. I wish I had your “freedom of speech” so to speak… but I guess that is what is great about people… we all have our personalities. ♥
      Thank you my friend.


  2. I agree so entirely; the creativity really is the saving grace. Turning the pain into something beautiful makes it worth it for me, too.

    Plus, we bipolarites certainly are in good company within the art world!


    1. Thank you ‘Nessa. I think the more I embrace it and see it as a gift, the better things will be. Plus, I truly love “feeling” so deeply… just could do without the intense depressions. ♥


  3. Go You! This is exactly the idea I am trying to get across to not only people that are afraid of those of us that have this disorder – because they don;t understand it..but also to the sufferers..its dark its sucks …we have some really crappy consequences to being run by emotions BUT there has to be a flip side to that.. a good side.. bipolar can;t just explain the darkness in us…it has to explain the light as well..I am who I am because I am bipolar…that doesn’t mean I am defined by bipolar but it doesn’t just live in the dark..everything is bigger more powerful…everything.. the light….
    I once asked someone if they would ever sate a bipolar person or if she would immediately discount them when she found out and bless her she said… I would not rule out someone as potential partner because of it and when I asked why…she said because I have never seen such fierce and passionate love as I have from some one I know who is bipolar… :-)
    The potential is worth it….

    THe picture at the top is absolutely stunning too… I love what you had to say :-)


    1. I agree!!! It is nuts the type of crazy passion we can have. The good comes with the bad but I love the good more. ♥ Thank you for the comment and support. It is awesome. ♥


  4. ” it touches my poetry in a beautiful away”

    Yes! I can see that in you and in myself too, although I don’t know if i “really” am BP (was diagnosed, then un-diagnosed and re-diagnosed with other things lol), but it’s a bit relative isn’t it? To feel life intensely is a two-fold blessing indeed.


  5. bipolarmuse,

    I can relate to so much of this. It feels like I spend more than half of the day marveling at the way things feel, at the way the world looks, even. I can get lost in the way everything IS. Just how it IS, how intense the feelings I get from doing simple things are.

    Heh. I guess it’s like a drug, but if it is I have access to it all the time and it never really goes away. It extends out to what I feel from other people, too. I frequently find myself just standing there while people pass by, wondering at the feel of their minds, emotions and thoughts pressing in on me. It… yes. I can call it blessing and curse.

    On one level it’d be wonderful to be able to think, breathe and act normally for a day or two and on the other I think I’d hate it. I like being able to feel as other people feel, see things from their perspective, know without understanding. It makes life more and less of a mystery, makes it really easy to learn more about the people around me. I love it and hate it at the same time. Hate it because sometimes it leaves me so HELPLESS.

    I’m not sure if I could turn it off. I know I wouldn’t even if I could, so I suppose the point is moot.

    I bet there’s medication for it too, but you know, I don’t really feel like repressing who I am for the sake of being ‘normal’. I’ve lived with it for this long. If it really is a disorder, then it’s one I don’t want to live without, despite all the trouble it can cause. It just wouldn’t be a good story.

    “And then s/he took medication and became a boring person forever after.”

    Really, Eris? Is that what you want?
    No, it isn’t.

    So, long story considerably shortened, thanks for posting your feelings and thoughts again. It helps me a lot to read and know I’m not totally alone and crazy.


    PS: What is a disorder but a miserable jumble of letters? Truth be told, it is also a combination of distrust and fear of the unknown, and in this case, the unknown is our own personalities. Is it not written, "…conquer thyself and so conquer the world?"

    Actually, I'm not entirely sure it IS written down. Well, obviously it is written now, so I guess that should count for something.

    You are amazing. Don't ever forget that.


    1. Thank you Eris. I agree with you. I take the meds and I always wish I didn’t. Some of my greatest attributes become dulled down and I absolutely hate it. Knowing what this disorder “feels” like, I wouldn’t exchange it either. All I would change is the destruction that I cause in some of my manic moods. I make such foolish drastic choices. Now, I make it a point to seriously mill over every decision in my head and I do not act on it impulsively. I don’t want knee-jerk reactions but to keep the “feeling”.
      Thank you for your comments… I always love to read what you have in your mind and heart to say. :)


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