Versatile Blogger Award

Seasons Change, and Change… (carlarenee)

The first rule is that I must share 7 random things about myself. ~ This may be a challenge since I am doing the 30 day challenge which seems to cover everything. LOL. But I am always down to give it a whirl.  :)

1. I like to use these words in casual convo: yo, word, tru that, that’s how I roll, stoked, dig it, dag. Got it? Word.

2. I have an addiction to my blog.

3. My eyes are blue.

4. I like funny. Funny makes me laugh and laughter is medicine. ♥

5. I hate AZ.

6. I want to put some chunks of purple in my hair.

7. Sean is my blogging bestie.

Ok, Now I have to pick between 7 and 15 bloggers to nominate for this award. Which wouldn’t be hard to do, except all the linking grrrrrrrrr. Now I know that many of you have this nomination, but hey, doesn’t hurt to be recognized again.  ;)

Running Naked With Scissors

zen and the art of borderline maintenance



Ben Naga


Angels Blog



25 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award”

    1. OOooo, what do I do with MHWG??
      Actually, the awards are passed around. For example, someone likes my blog, so they nominate me for the award and then it is my duty to nominate blogs I love. It is inspiring to get them… :)


      1. So does that mean you received the award if you’re nominated?

        MHWG is really good for technical/clinical info on all of the mental health stuff, you get on their members list so you get more traffic. Right now the big thing is the publication of the newest DSM & they are making some changes that are really bad (changing Borderline’s name, I am not psyched) so it’s good to keep up, even in the blogosphere :)


      2. Yes, nomination means you receive the award. :)
        They are changing the name of BPD?? I didn’t know that.
        I would be honored to be a part of the MHWG, hopefully I get accepted. I am going to go research the new name! LOL


      3. HI hon,

        I just had a message from Kevin, who I believe runs the guild, & he said “excellent nomination” & just wanted to make sure that I had mentioned it to you :)



      4. He will e-mail you, is your contact info on your page? If not I can pass it on, or you can post on the page (link on mine), mentioning that you were nominated by a member & wanted to provide your contact info & anything else you would like to add. Oh dear, I hope I wasn’t overstepping, I thought you might like to belong to it? Smack me if I’m in the wrong! He is in Ireland, so will probably be back on tomorrow :)


      5. Oh, & they’re thinking of calling it “Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder” or something – part of the reasoning is that BPD is to “stigmatizing” – it sounds clinical at least, “emotionally unstable” just screams “STAY AWAY FROM HER!” to me. I really hope they don’t change it.


      6. Oh my… that is a ridiculous re-name of the disorder. I do know that some don’t even recognize it as a disorder. Great… just another stigma added to the group.


  1. Muse, congratulations! You deserve this award so much, just like all the others. ♥ Do you want to trade states, I’m right next door. LOL. I wish you would put chunks of purple in your hair! I would love to see that. :-)

    And thank you for nominating me. I am SO HONORED. :-) I can’t wait to post today. It will be fun.


    1. HAHA… I hope you have fun with this post… I have to go through and do some catching up on my blog reading with some hot coffee!
      I would trade states if you happen to be in NV!!! LOL
      And purple will be coming soon.


    1. Chameleons, yes! I always love your posts. Even that award post left me with a smile on my face. ♥
      A monk?? That is quite interesting. You are a multifaceted person Sir Ben… :)


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