A Dotty Award of BRILLIANCE!!!

That is right my peeps. I got the three bins of brilliance award today passed to me by Paz who is the genius behind melancholicallymanic. This award (the three bins of brilliance award) originates from Dear Dotty and I’m so stoked that Paz thought of me for this awesomeness.

Does this mean I am brilliant?! I am thinking I like this award LOTS.

There are zero rules other than to pass it out if you like….and link back to the creator, Dotty at http://dottyheadbanger.wordpress.com

I shall now hand out the bins to my fellow bloggers.

If you stop by, read this post, and you already know how very cool you are, please take this award for yourself and have fun with it.

Make it your own.

Just be sure to thank Dotty by linking back to her.

9 thoughts on “A Dotty Award of BRILLIANCE!!!”

    1. Take it cause ya know I was going to give it to you anyways!! You need it because your poetry is sheer brilliance. ♥ I am feeling ok… took a nap and I feel a bit spunky. My family is passing out the flu like free candy… Hoping it won’t get me too bad.


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