The Beauty Of Bipolar Disorder

What’s fantastic about being Bipolar 1 ?! Actually, there is a-lot to be grateful for…

I tend to operate in excessive emotions and tend to be very passionate.

I have the gift of words and have been a poet as long as I can remember.

I have a keen understanding of “what goes up must come down… then back up again” and can prepare for each.

When I have great ideas, they are indeed great.

When in a perfect state of Mania, I experience the type of euphoric high that people pay for.

I am perpetually in lust.

Being Bipolar, while at its worst is very bad, but when it is at its best, there is nothing like it. Perhaps that is why substance abuse is a co-morbid disorder… we are constantly in search of that perfect mania euphoria. Just maybe.

I certainly get my lows and impulsivity from this disorder… yet I also get my extreme passion and emotion. I can feel every particle of my being to the best of extremes and to the worst.

Embrace the beauty!!

Top 10 Terrific Things About Bipolar

24 thoughts on “The Beauty Of Bipolar Disorder”

  1. thank you for finding me and linking up my post on Benefits of Bipolr Disorder.” i love the feel of your blog. will be back to check it out closer. like what you said in this first post i read. the highs & lows – for me it’s like riding a roller coaster or a 75 ft wave. eventually the rides tops and the wave crashes. i just have to remember that when i am at hte bottom or sinking into the sand, i will rise like the phoenix again & the creative high wll start to pick up speed again. see you later.


    1. I know that feeling very much my friend. Sometimes during the lows it can be hard to remember so it helps to have a good friend or 2. :)
      Your article was very well written and I too like the feel of your page. The moon, stars, planets… they all appeal to me very much. You have a-lot of diverse writings. I will definitely be back to read up.
      Thank you for commenting and checking out my blog. :)


    1. Thanks Terry. That is a picture of a tornado that touched down in Iowa and Nebraska… I didn’t take this picture of course but I think a tornado accurately depicts my disorder… it can be destructive and beautiful at the same time.


  2. May I please, as a new fellow to this Dx, do you take any meds? I have bipolar 2, and I have to steer clear of the long & major depressive episodes which take me to the literal bottom. I’m on a mood stabilizer and an antidepressant. Still adjusting dosages. I know B 1 and 2 are quite different. You just sound so positive, and I wonder if I will ever get there.


    1. You will get there! It takes time and finding the right dose of medications. I can’t take antidepressants because they throw me into full blown mania, so watch for symptoms of mania. I only say that because my Dx was bipolar 2 at one time and progressed to Bipolar 1. I take a mood stabilizer called Lamictal which has been a God send for me. I also take a very low dose of Haldol and Klonopin for anxiety/sleep.
      I tried many years to do it without the meds and it is still a battle to convince myself to take them each day… but overall, these meds have helped me find a balance.
      Which meds do you take??


      1. Thank you for responding. Sometimes I feel adrift alone. :) I, too, take Lamotrigine (Lamictal). I’m up to 200 mg at present. Just increased from 100 mg 4 days ago. It’s been a rough adjustment, but I’m doing better. When I started it, like you, it was a god send. The antidepressants just were not working for me – when given alone. I had one long episode of hypomania, lasted almost 2 years! Since then, I’ve either been depressed or very depressed and non-functional. How frustrating to go from feeling “normal” to this.
        With this type 2, I make SURE I take the meds. I never want to get THAT depressed again.
        I was on Xanax for sleep, but had increased (b/c I got used to it) from .25 mg to 2 mg. New doc hates Xanax. Since I can’t handle any of the other sleep aids, I guess it’s
        Benadryl for me. Yuck. That’s what my doc said. Benadryl? Weird.
        Thanks again!!! XO


      2. You get immune to meds… it sucks. My Doc has me change it up… Magnesium one night, benedryl the next, then klonopin. It sucks… but i guess that is how the body works.


  3. Wow! The last line… I can feel every particle of my being to the best of extremes and to the worst… I can’t help but feel a little envious of this, both the good and the bad. Is it weird for me to say that I so wish I could experience that aspect of it?


    1. I would say thats normal. Itd an experience I can’t begin to explain. When I’m manic, my senses are out of control….i wouldn’t change it for the world. But when low, that is just as intense.


  4. TRUTH…PREACH lol ;). Embrace and celebrate the highs and endure the lows. In a linear sense a bipolar bear just has a greater slope value…I.e y=mx+b, m is just highly -ve or highly +ve (referring to the linear sections of a sinusoidal emotional wave)


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