16 thoughts on “Goodbye~ Haiku”

  1. This time is so short
    We give it up just for love
    So goes our stories

    I’ve been addicted to haiku’s lately… Anyways saying goodbye is the hardest thing on the planet to do! I enjoyed this poem.


      1. I’ll have to look for it! Assuming I didn’t find it before and just forget. Anyways I like writing haiku’s but I’m so used to free form that I feel like a baby trying to learn how to speak when I go to write them.


  2. Bittersweet they shine
    The tears on my cheeks tell you
    I am still alive

    Don’t cast me aside
    Can’t throw me to the ground, then
    Expect me to bloom

    I am my own heart
    I am defiance of you
    I am my own soul


    Huh. Even when I try to write in a similar style, my haiku always come out slightly rebellious or sad and… indefinably different. They’re just MINE rather than YOURS. That’s really all there is to say on the matter! So it goes when writing poetry from the heart.

    I’m sorry. Your haiku keep making me want to alternate between crying and writing more poetry. So between the tears I have to write and write and write to make myself feel clean again. It’s not your poems that make me feel dirty, just the memories they can sometimes stir up. Which is okay, because it’s sort of like a unique form of therapy. Trial by fire and the flames purge the bad feelings, only in this case the flames are my writing and the matches are your poems.

    Thanks for starting the flame in me again, bipolarmuse~ <3



    1. See… and I think your words are amazing and capturing. Your writing style is unique.
      I wish they wouldn’t be a trigger for negative emotions for you, yet maybe it is a unique form of therapy as you say.
      The same thing can happen to me and the words just flow from me. It is good to get that all out there. ♥


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