Self Publish Poetry

Ok ladies and Gents, I have a twofold question that I could really use your help with.

1. Has anyone used to self publish a poetry book?? They have a pretty simple program that allows you to “build” your poetry book.

 2. Would any of you like to recommend some of your favorite poems so I have a better idea of what I should include as I am not going to put them all into one book.

So if you have any faves… please leave a comment with your favorite. I am open to any ideas!

The first I am adding for sure is Your New Soft Soul and probably the Goodbye Haiku. I really want to add The Muses and Show Me as well.

I know I am asking a huge favor from you because I am sure you will have to go searching through my posts, but even if one person gives me some feedback, I will be stoked!

Thank you my friends. ♥

20 thoughts on “Self Publish Poetry”

  1. I haven’t used Lulu, but I’ve wanted to. It looks easy to use and they only print on demand, which makes it easier for you. Also, if you need a little funding to get started, check out Kickstarter or Indiegogo if you haven’t. I’m sure you’d be able to raise money to help with any design work or other costs.

    As for poems, one of my favorites is from Pablo Neruda,

    Good luck with this and look forward to reading your book when it comes out! Peace!


  2. I looked at Lulu also but I have gone with not made anything yet but you can download an app to your computer off their site and it will interact with your WordPress blog and give you options on which content to put in the book. Take a look, Muse, I can’t help with your poems, I’m a bit busy but I shall see if I can take a look at some point.

    Oh, Blurb also have videos you can watch.

    Good luck :)


  3. MUSE ……..
    BIG TIME ……..


      1. Yeah, at the end of the day I was more displeased with my editor/editing, I worked my manuscript over like a dog and there were still one or two lil’typos that drove me bananas. Lulu has some good options if you want to market your book on google/B&N, etc. If you ever want to submit work check out this resource: This is what am using now to try and boost work to indy press’. Happy Hunting!


  4. BPM, I checked out Lulu and it seems pretty spendy. If you’re looking to create an ebook, I’d go with Smashwords, and if a hard copy, probably CreateSpace on Amazon. I think it’s about $5-$7 there, compared to $13-$15 on Lulu for the same size and style. Granted, then you can sell it on Amazon and maybe nowhere else, but that’s like saying you can only use Apple or Android phones and nothing else.


  5. I have looked into Lulu and xliblis I have decided to go with Lulu as it seemed it would be easier to work with especially it being my first time. I downloaded the templates and have already designed the front cover. I’m still working with the actual book part, I’m at 91 pages. It’s pretty user friendly.


    1. Thank you so much for your feedback. I was toying around with the poetry book templates and they are easy enough and I can add photos too. I will have to use a photo sharing site where each pic is .75 cents. I can handle that. :) I like the photos I already have but would need to find the original source for permission.
      Again, thanks for sharing your experience!


    1. YAY! Thank you for the feedback. A couple of yours I chose as well already but I will add Meet Me There, Never Feel Alone, and Off With Their Heads (I was debating that one cause I love it too).
      I appreciate you taking the time to give me feedback. ♥


  6. You’re poetry is altogether beautiful, but it depends on the story you’re trying to tell with your poetry book (if you want it to have a theme). But here are some of my faves among your work. In no particular order:

    You Voice Sings to Me
    Unafraid of Change
    Sweet Taste
    Lost Identity


    1. Thank you Lisa! I appreciate the feedback.
      I am sort of having a theme by introducing poems related to Bipolar disorder… like “Magical Puppeteer” (it’s about taking meds) and “With equal fervor”. What is cool about the template is that some pages leave room for an explanation, so those are the ones I will utilize to bring the disorder to light. :)
      Thanks for taking the time to share what you like. I love “Don’t”… it doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. LOL


      1. I always love to read your explanations. They are just as powerful as your poetry and they definitely add something to it.

        My brother got me a book called Lyrics by Sting. I like listening to Sting because his words are literally poetry put to music. In the book, he has a little background on various songs. It lets you into the mind of the writer but it also helps to paint a picture and give the lyrics a deeper meaning.

        I can’t wait to see your finished product! Btw, the pictures you choose for your poetry posts are always awesome! It’s like they were made for your words :)


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