Bipolar Quote

“What most people call talent is our way to vent, and if we’re not discovered it will never pay the rent.”
Stanley Victor Paskavich

LOL, isn’t that the truth. I love writing poetry, it is my passion and my therapy… but will probably never pay for rent.

Never say never though… who knows what life has in store!

That being said… our talents do provide a way to release our darkness, to reveal our minds.

That certainly is a beautiful gift.

9 thoughts on “Bipolar Quote”

  1. Occasionally talents pay the bills. But I sure see where you’re coming from. The only talent I get paid for is cooking…..but I have many other things I’m good at that i’ll never see a dime for.


  2. So true….Stranger things have indeed happened and anything is indeed possible! But for me, personally, my true passions never had anything to do with the legal tender……(P.S.) I really like your gravatar photos…you have a sparkling smile, one senses alot of heart there!…Perhaps that comes from all those hard times?…I mean, when someone experiences such turmoil and comes thru still standing it lends a certain amount of heart and compassion, doesn’t it?


    1. Thank you! I have looked at pictures from my past and there are some where you can tell it is a truly fake smile. I almost always smile for pictures or make a funny face. HAhaha… but this picture you are talking about is recent and I do think that all the hard times have given me much more heart and compassion… and appreciation for just being alive. Of course, it takes more than being alive to put on that smile, but learning to be present in the moment has helped transform my outlook on things. Even through tears I smile… nobody will take that from me.


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