37 comments on “Meet B

  1. I’m so sorry BipolarMuse. You know I know exactly how you feel. He is at peace – I’m sure of it. All my love and strength to you on this day. xoxoxo ~J

    • Thank you J9… I know you know exactly what this feels like. I know he is not fighting the pain anymore. :) He better watch out though because when I die, he is the first person I am going to look for… LOL.
      Hugs to you my friend! ♥♥♥♥

  2. I can see such spirit, but the photo was, for me-instantly painful in my heart to see. I felt the loss as well as his love reaching to you, not out of pain, that is true…but from love and a waiting that would last forever, for you. Love, Linda

    • Thank you Linda. I remember taking this picture and on this night he was so full of life and “happy” by all accounts. I think that is why this picture has been with me all these years… it isn’t tainted by an “off colored” mood… it was a genuine “in the moment” happiness. ♥

  3. hi muse, you’ve got a great circle of friends here on the press, and you are doing all the right things to keep your spirit in good shape. extending my support your way.

  4. I know youve been told and you’ve told yourself but when are you going to believe its not your fault…..

    • I don’t believe it is my fault anymore… I think underlying guilt will probably always be there…. but the rawness of it is gone. You know how bad it ate my alive… it no longer holds me captive like that. Now I just wish he were alive. So much for wishing. LOL. I love you. ♥

    • That’s ok… LOL. I got it yesterday and posted it. I guess when you don’t have a WP blog it makes all comments get approved before going through. But yes, I approved it yesterday. ;) I love you so much. ♥ And there was nothing that I nor anyone else could have done. You are right. I’ve been in therapy for this, let time pass…10 flippin years is a long time…. I guess it is just something that will always be there in the background. I have healed a lot… over time, I will heal more. xoxo ♥

  5. Odd… when I look at his picture he seems to be looking off to the side as if he’s seeing another person there. He seems happy in this picture, a bit anxious… He has a lot on his mind.

    And clearly he did. I’m sorry for your loss. Ten years ago your world was a blur. But even though the memories are there, you know he would not want you to never smile again. >HUGS<

    • Thank you Eden… he indeed was an anxious person. There was someone else on the patio with us but not in the direction he was looking… odd. And you are right, he indeed would want me happy. :) I have gotten over his death for the most part, but I think fragments always remain with you. My sister still thinks I hold myself responsible… and I don’t think that I do. The guilt doesn’t feel prominent like it once did…. but I guess it is sort of always underlying… if that makes any sense. ♥

      • It does make sense. There will always be “What if”s, and really, except that they do have a tendency to show up at awkward times, they’re perfectly natural and a probably a “good sign”.

        As for the other person on the deck, maybe as you snapped that shot they were talking about something they both were seeing. Either way, it definitely gave a strong sense of the person B was.

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