Overcoming Bipolar Disorder


I wanted to share with you this book that I picked up in 2010 called “Overcoming Bipolar Disorder“. This is not only an informative book but it is also a comprehensive workbook. This book is not intended to “cure” bipolar but instead,” to assist you in living with it, living around it, and living WELL”.

What I enjoy about it is that it comes with worksheets in the book that you fill out… and it gives examples of people who are living with Bipolar. Sounds easy right?? NOPE. Let me tell you that it take discipline to get through this book. I am still not done with it and I am not sure why. I was excited when I got it, but it fizzled out. Not because the book isn’t good, but rather, because my moods were fluctuating at rapid speeds.

The book is broken down into modules that you complete one at a time…with a total of 30 modules. It walks you through Bipolar Basics, Working Through Mania, Working Through Depression, Working to Wellness: Physical Health, Working to Wellness: Your Life Goals, and Managing your care. Throughout the workbook are “homework” pages to fill out. I did mine in pencil so if  things change, I can erase my previous answers and start fresh.

Check it out… it may help you. Amazon probably has it for a decent price. I got mine through Barnes and Noble and paid too much. LOL.

Happy Reading!!

17 thoughts on “Overcoming Bipolar Disorder”

  1. i don’t do workbooks very well. the assignments create anxiety in me. why, i am not sure. it’s not even any specific subject. i have tried them in the past for working through abuse. i’ll check it out at amazon to look inside. if it looks like i can handle doing it, it will work on whether i have the money in my budget to afford it. kind of been spending a bit lately. need to fill up the coffers again before spending again. thank you for the post and the recommendation. even if i am unable to write down the answers in the workbook, i can still think them through. and the material found in the book may be just the input of information i need to read about.


    1. I completely understand. It certainly is not for everyone… I myself appreciate the structure and the need to expose and acknowledge the disorder… the workbook portion helps me do that. :)


      1. if told you i was investigating the DSM5 today & discovered how off the wall they are being. they are going to have everyone in the usa diagnosed with some kind of disorder. at least they got bipolart II right & it’s symptoms right. the same with bipolar I. the rest is a bit crazy. some of the changes are laughable. i want to write something on it on a blog post maybe a few posts. oh, i believe in the disorder but my psyche team aren’t any help. i really don’t think they know enough. i learn more on wordpress & reading books. i think the workbooks take my mind off guard. i usually answer the questions in my head. it’s writing them down that i have the problem with. i’m all for exposing the disorder & i am ok about accepting & coming out about bipolar or any of the other diagonoses. i don’t believe living in any closet for any reason.i am glad the workbook helps you. i did put it on my amazon wishlist. keep moving forward. peace, jen


      2. I need to look at the DSM5 and see what it is saying… a few people have mentioned it to me before. Definitely do some blog posts about it… it would be great to update people. I read somewhere that Bipolar Disorder will be the highest diagnosed mental disorder in years to come… makes me wonder why. So many factors can play into it… makes me wonder if it is the food we eat etc.
        I was in denial and in the closet about my disorder for many years and it caused me nothing but grief and heartache… so I believe in being right out in the open with it too. There is no shame in it. ♥


  2. I have a book called Bipolar in Order that sounds similar. Of course I’ve not gotten through it (?) and also don’t know why. Ha! It’s very good too. It helps you manage the fluctuations… Or is supposed to. I think it’s good to educate yourself by reading helpful books :-) when I get through mine I’ll try and check this one out too!


    1. Education is important! For sure… I wonder why we haven’t finished these books… LOL. I can complete reading regular books…even more than one at a time… but not this one. :)


      1. Hehehe…yeah, I don’t know :) Maybe because we already know “the ending”? I suspect at times it’s because I don’t want stability either…perhaps there is a deep fear of managing the disorder to the point where we are symptom free, but feel that would restrict the benefits of being bipolar?? I don’t know…I’m just posing theories right now based on some feelings I’ve been having lately…I’m in a strong, stable period at the moment and have really been missing the hypomania/mania (well, the good bits of it at least)…but it’s all just theory ;)


      2. I think your theory is spot on for me. I too am missing the mania/hypomania… it has been too long. LOL. It is crazy how we get so use to it that we often miss these things. I do not miss debilitating depression… but mania, oh yes. :)


    1. It’s good to see you ‘Nessa!!
      It has helped. In the very beginning it has questions that you answer and based on your answers you will have an idea if Bipolar Disorder is something you need to look further into. The “workbook” part of it can be difficult because you have to be honest with yourself when answering the questions/practicing the task. I find it very helpful and educational. It does say that it can be used as a supplement with your doc…


  3. i have one …not this one… i hmmm what did I do with that? now would be a goodtime to find it…I just..get bored..tired of it in my face all the timel..kudos to you for doing the work :-)


    1. I know exactly what you mean…
      I haven’t finished the book and worksheets yet but I have some of it completed. I think I will study it daily once I move because I can be certain that this change will throw me for a loop. LOL… I will need many self-help style books to help cope.


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