Lost Time


Your kind hands…they once held mine…

Now they hold anothers while I rest in lost time.

Oh how I know…I should offer well wishes,

It was my unraveling that brought us to this end.

With a heavy heart, I hold back the tears…

Yet I cannot keep them under lock and key.

Just allow me to gaze out of  this window,

So my face won’t show what you don’t want to see.

Don’t watch me as I break into pieces

I keep my face hidden in the dark of night…

How do I give a kind blessing…

When I would much rather keep up the fight.

© bipolarmuse 2012





18 thoughts on “Lost Time”

  1. How do you let go? How do you forget that he is touching another? How do you forget that your name is not bliss to him anymore, yet it now twists him into an unknown beast.


      1. Maybe closure isn’t needed. I know for myself… the pain was my doing… then ending of the relationship was my weakness… and I can’t get it back. Just the chance to try again would make me happy, yet it is impossible.


    1. Thank you Celeste. Now that I am single, I am tapping back into that pain I never really dealt with. I need to get over it somehow… I guess one day at a time will bring about healing. I am hoping. ♥


  2. “So my face won’t show what you don’t want to see.” …. I love this phrase. Beautiful poem, Muse; sorrow, pain, regret – not wanting to let go, but needing to. A lovely write, loved this. ~ Julie xoxox


    1. Ahhhh, it is so bittersweet Julie. I will see him later this week. He is my exhusband and Father to my 2 youngest children. I am traveling to TX so I can spend time with all of my children at the same time. It is wonderful, yet bittersweet. It always makes me long for the family we once had together. Yet I was the one who walked away three years ago. If I had the opportunity to walk back, I certainly would. ♥


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