Encased in gentle, feathery, Angel wings…

Every tear collected and accounted for,

Absorbed by the Angels to offer you peace.


In the glorious heavenly light, you cry no more.

The soft light welcomes you home…

Embraces your spirit… warms you to the core.


Though we can no longer physically show our love

We whisper our undying love and adoration….

In Angel ears, to be carried to you in the heavens above.


** You are missed Aunt Jeanie**

© bipolarmuse 2012


32 thoughts on “Heavenly”

  1. Ahh . . .
    Oh, to be encased in those wings!
    I just opened my reader, saw that photo, and read your beautiful, loving words.
    And my spirit calmed.
    Thank You. Elyn ♡♡♡


      1. I’m sorry, that’s hard.
        But it so lovely you can remember her in this way.
        I’m sure she is proud of you. ♡


    1. Thank you Celeste! She died when I was a young girl… her death still remains a very pivotal point in my life. I have reconnected with my cousins (her children) in recent years… which has been wonderful. ♥


      1. Your so welcome …if ever you would like to join us and post your thoughts to our blog please leave a comment on our join us tab , we would love to have you …Thanks Tim


    1. I am glad you like it… :) When I think of her, I imagine her beautiful, peaceful, watching over her loves. ♥ Your Mom was wonderful… I have missed her so much… I can’t imagine how much more so that it is for you guys… I love you cuz. ♥


  2. Nice tribute, may she be resting in peace…My favorite part was “In the glorious heavenly light, you cry no more.the soft light welcomes you home”…&you’ve reminded me of Eric Clapton’s “Tears in Heaven”
    Love & Light


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