Solemn Eyes ~ Haiku

Red watery eyes

“I want you here forever”

My heart and soul aches

© bipolarmuse 2012

** Out of the mouth of my youngest daughter. She was having a very sad moment as we were enjoying a little time together and in such a soft singsong voice she said, “I want you here forever”. Me too baby girl… Me too. **

24 thoughts on “Solemn Eyes ~ Haiku”

  1. My daughter says things like this to me…I wish I could stop time and live in those moments. Having a 22 yr old as well I know that those moments will not last, so I treasure all the more now. :)


    1. Thank you so much Brad. I am glad that you find it inspiring. :) I hid in the closet of denial for many years much to my own destruction. Now I am on a road to healing and want to share my ride with others. Thank you for reading. ♥


  2. More rivulets of tears for you and your babes…. I really, really sympathize and know it well deep down….bless you, bless you, lovely sweetheart….you and those babes….
    hugs and kisses


    1. Ahhhh, this comment brought tears to me. I know you understand. ♥ These little moments, though they make me cry… they are the moments I will hold onto forever. ♥


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