17 comments on “Oh Daddy

    did you change your blog address ?
    It says i am not following you ?
    HUH ?
    of course i am :)

  2. Once again you write about potentially emotional devastation and confusion with such cleanness and clarity. It is a rare gift. Many folk would not even attempt to write of such things.

    • Thank you Ben. I will do a more thorough post about him soon… I have had many feelings about this man I called Dad, and love became one of them once he passed away and the chance to truly know him was gone. I am sure the love was always there… but the bitterness was overpowering. ♥

  3. ::::hugs::::: beautifully written. I could feel your emotion, yes your desire to forgive keeps you held back a bit….almost as time heals

  4. “Were we in your heart…”

    and those words I can hug, sadly to share what you wanted to say. The poem cries, and that single line breaks me, not in pieces, but to realize the ending part of a beautiful life.
    It evokes emotions.

  5. Oh, I cried reading this! So heartfelt and full of emotion and love….this was top notch and impacted me in a way you could never know….but maybe you do…. Brilliant….

    • Thank you Celeste. Writing about my Dad is hard. He wasn’t a good man by my standards and I felt like I was better than him. In truth, my standard shouldn’t have played a factor and I should have opened the opportunity to know him. 20/20 vision is always there when we can’t turn back and use it…LOL.
      I am glad you liked this. ♥♥ Much love to you dear friend. xo

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