The Sadness Always Comes

Yesterday we had to head out. Granted we stayed until the evening hoping that if both myself and the babies were headed out on a road trip… perhaps they would handle it better. They did. It was less painful only because I didn’t have to see them crying their eyes out. They had tears in their eyes but also excitement for their trip to AR. It is funny because they LOVE AR. LOL. One day I will be living there as well because their Father will be retiring there to be near family. My hope is that I can convince my Mom and Step-Dad to move with me and we all live happily ever after!

That truly is my hope. LOL. I am a simple girl… not asking for much, right? :-D  I can live close to my babies and see fireflies every night. To me…sounds like my heaven. ♥

We stopped and got a hotel room and still have 8 hours of driving today. Piece of cake. I am happy that I have had no problems with my car (knock on wood). I bought it Feb. 29th with MANY miles on it. I have had good luck with Subaru’s though and even though it already has nearly 200,000 miles on it… you would never know it aside from the fact that the driver side window sometimes does not work… or that the keyless lock does not work on the passenger door. LOL

I feel a bit blue but my meds are definitely “numbing” me. That… or perhaps knowing that I will see the little ones soon (hopefully in August) and that I will be near my big kiddos in a week is helping me to keep my emotions in check. Perhaps it is because I feel hopeful. ♥ I kind of forgot what hopeful felt like. My move that will take place next week is exciting for me… one step closer to my kids…and a single step to being near the babies as well. All in baby steps.

I never do “goodbyes”… only “see you soon.”


9 thoughts on “The Sadness Always Comes”

  1. Hopeful is a good thing to be able to feel after what you have been through. I am praying everything goes great and that you and your children grow a closer bond through this trip. Thanks for keeping us posted girl! ;-)


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