The Move Is Around The Corner

Ahhhhh, Dear friends! My move is literally less than a week away and I am very excited to start this new chapter in my life. I am anxious to see how well I “react” to this wanted change. For those of you with Bipolar Disorder, or those educated in it…you understand exactly what I mean. Change, even good and wanted change, can bring about an episode. I am hoping that I receive a little mania rather than a little depression. “Cheers”… lets toast to that. LOL

Though me and my guy broke up, he has been a huge support to me and I know he will continue to be so. I can’t express enough how much this has helped me. He has a beautiful heart… and I am grateful to have him in my life. He has been, after-all, my best friend and I hope we remain such as we pass through this new adventure in life.

I am so excited to be near my big kids and be active in their lives as much as possible… I am excited to be taking the steps needed to get to my little ones in the near future.

I am simply excited!

Gahhh… I don’t know if I will have any internet services or not… but if not, I will utilize coffee shops, libraries, and any Del Taco’s with free WiFi. LOL. Especially Del Taco’s.  ;)

Thank you all for your supportive words and for being on this journey with me… it is a beautiful life. ♥

28 thoughts on “The Move Is Around The Corner”

  1. Muse, I’m so delighted, and excited for you! Sending lots and lots of positive energies, hugs, love and prayers your way! (And your hopes for ‘reaction’ from the change resonate with me – those of us with fibromyalgia also are triggered by change, even positive, wanted ones, so am sending extra prayers that this time is kind to you.) ~ Love always, Julie xoxox


    1. Thank you Julie! I was not aware of that about fibromyalgia… I need to research that a bit. Very interesting how that happens, isn’t it? You would think “good” change would just be great but more often than not… I am drinking bottles of pepto and need ear plugs and eye covers to sleep. LOL. If I can sleep. ♥ Much love to you my friend!


    1. I am not sure about In ‘n Out Burgers… I will look into it because we have a couple there. I know that many places are now offering free WiFi… Mc Donalds, Del Taco, Dunkin Donuts, of course coffee shops…
      I will be locating as many as I can find. LOL


    1. Woohoo!! I meant to ask him the other day bout internet. That’ll be cool. I wish my move was already here too. Grrr. Got fam plans tomorrow… then waterpark plans Friday. I plan to drive up on Sunday… hopefully get there late afternoon. I have to locate paperwork to send into the courts in TX. Yay… fun!
      I didn’t know Matt had fibromyalgia… I gotta look that up, I don’t know much about it.


  2. I know this isn’t goodbye , I do hope you all the luck you may muster up , I do know how you feel , you have also made me realize I’m not alone with my feelings , as we all have hope ..bless you …Tim


  3. this is all so very good to hear as to how things are coming along. keep your plan intact and the influentials around you in case of any impending flare up. i will also agree that being a little manic is good – that little energy button so to speak. and yes, find your WIFI zones if that will be your only option for your buddy system around the world when needing input. a bipolar hug to you muse:)


  4. Change is our only constant. You can’t know what will come. You can only seek to be strong and centered in your moment. That’s it- but what a great and wonderful thing it is.

    Sending strong thoughts your way.



    1. I certainly will be back here often. :) I found out that I shall have internet… so once I get in and settled, I will establish a routine and be able to read and blog more. LOL. Life has felt very hectic lately.


      1. As hard as change is they do tell us that it is as good as a holiday (despite us not being willing to take a holiday), It’s cool that your new place will have the internet which allows you to have the safety and familiarity at least of your blogging and other online activities so I guess there is a silver lining. ((hugs))


      2. Indeed a little silver lining… familiarity is a good thing. :) As good as a holiday?! That is really good. I think we should start calling them holidays here…maybe we would take more…lol…vacation sounds boring doesn’t it??


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