15 comments on “With Change Comes… A Schedule??

  1. Go you! Sounds like a perfect way to start a schedule – put all the things you like on it and stress the flexibility. Can’t wait to hear how it works out!


  2. Schedules have helped me a lot…especially on the days I can be bothered sticking to them! hehehe Good luck :) I think that I might follow your lead…I have a number of big changes coming up too and am feeling somewhat overwhelmed so a schedule will really help…especially programming in exercise and sleep :) Make sure you allow enough room to change your mind when you need to though. xo.


    • Thank you Nataly… I think the schedules is a great way to try to stay balanced. And your right… planning in sleep and enough room to change our minds is important. :)


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  4. I try to have an awareness about the things that are important, as well as a sense of when those things are best done. And sometimes I do create a list and a schedule of sorts. But for me, the most important thing is not to let that schedule or list become a hammer by which I beat myself up when invariably things don’t go according to plan.

    So when I don’t get around to exercise, I say okay, there’s tomorrow. I try to recall that each day, each moment, is a fresh start.

    Sending strong thoughts in your direction. Tom


    • Tom… a GREAT point. I know that flexibility is very important as well. I don’t need any new reasons to beat myself up. LOL. I will indeed take your words here to heart. Thank you for this reminder. :-P


  5. Schedule and pmoderation – I think this is great. I wish I could be addicted to exercise. I don’t see how that could be bad as long it is a moderate amount of time.


    • Exactly. And my addiction to exercise was for a healthy reason… it is definitely worth it. In all honesty, it does help my moods… so for that alone, I need to resume. LOL.


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