With Change Comes… A Schedule??

I have been thinking that perhaps I should be diligent about keeping some sort of “schedule” with the big changes I am making in life.

Schedules of some kind serve everyone well… why? Because “balance” is an important part of every day life and even more important to someone with Bipolar Disorder (manic depression).

Of course… I do not want to be so strict about having things scheduled that if I “miss” something it causes distress. This is not healthy and certainly would not serve me well at all. LOL. I am thinking of something not really rigid but lightly “structured”. Having this light schedule would help me to follow through with some things I would like to do on a daily basis…  for example: exercise. Years ago, exercise use to be my addiction. Not in a bad way… but certainly an addiction. At that time, I would see the Doc for sleep issues and “irritability” and the solution was “exercise”. Literally that is what the Docs said. So… I became a 7 day a week workout-aholic. LOL. It was never about weight. It was simply about boosting my mood and being able to sleep at night.

Over the years, this workout addiction has stuck with me… until the end of 2009. So needless to say, I need to get back into it.

I also believe that having a schedule will also help me to build my “self worth” and help me to readjust into the workforce when I am able to return to working. I must say that this last year with no “structure/schedule” has been difficult on me in various ways and I have had a hard time maintaining any type of structure… this was probably good and bad for me. I needed the time emotionally to heal and to just “be”. But now… I am on a path to growth so I must make changes.

Change # 1- Create a light schedule… included in the schedule: exercise, swimming, writing, reading, chores, and flexibility.  :-D

I think I can manage this. ♥

15 thoughts on “With Change Comes… A Schedule??”

  1. Go you! Sounds like a perfect way to start a schedule – put all the things you like on it and stress the flexibility. Can’t wait to hear how it works out!


  2. Schedules have helped me a lot…especially on the days I can be bothered sticking to them! hehehe Good luck :) I think that I might follow your lead…I have a number of big changes coming up too and am feeling somewhat overwhelmed so a schedule will really help…especially programming in exercise and sleep :) Make sure you allow enough room to change your mind when you need to though. xo.


    1. Thank you Nataly… I think the schedules is a great way to try to stay balanced. And your right… planning in sleep and enough room to change our minds is important. :)


  3. I try to have an awareness about the things that are important, as well as a sense of when those things are best done. And sometimes I do create a list and a schedule of sorts. But for me, the most important thing is not to let that schedule or list become a hammer by which I beat myself up when invariably things don’t go according to plan.

    So when I don’t get around to exercise, I say okay, there’s tomorrow. I try to recall that each day, each moment, is a fresh start.

    Sending strong thoughts in your direction. Tom


    1. Tom… a GREAT point. I know that flexibility is very important as well. I don’t need any new reasons to beat myself up. LOL. I will indeed take your words here to heart. Thank you for this reminder. :-P


  4. Schedule and pmoderation – I think this is great. I wish I could be addicted to exercise. I don’t see how that could be bad as long it is a moderate amount of time.


    1. Exactly. And my addiction to exercise was for a healthy reason… it is definitely worth it. In all honesty, it does help my moods… so for that alone, I need to resume. LOL.


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