1st Vegas Fun-time!

Ok, so this wasn’t a crazy Vegas fun-time but I wanted to share nonetheless. :-P

I went to a friends house. The plan was to have a drink…then go out and eat/have a few drinks. Vegas has a-lot of very cool lounge type places that are perfect if you do not want to hit up the club scene but want to do something different from a restaurant. And of course, there’s always the fun sports bars.

Well I get to my friends house and out comes this:

This is the most intense vodka EVER. It is 192 proof. Yes, it is the devil!

Since I am a BAMF and can hang, I was game to give it a whirl. We agree to do one shot and have one mixed cocktail. The shot is not for human consumption even though it was diluted down with cranberry and pineapple juice. This bottle should have a skull and crossbones sticker on it.

Somehow, I managed to get the shot down without burning my insides.

Then we were sipping on cocktails. This was one strong cocktail and though the first few drinks were harsh… the more I drank, the easier it got. LOL.

Of course, we decided on one more. After the drinks were made… my friend sat in the recliner and I sat on the couch. I have zero recollection of what happened after we sat down….literally. All I do know is that a few hours later, I woke up…drinks still full, and ice melted. I had passed out on the couch and my friend was snoozing away on the recliner.

What a night out. LOL

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