15 comments on “When I Fell

  1. Hmmmm….this was thought provoking…..I could ask the same question of certain events in my own life…..really liked your train of thought here….nicely done!
    hugs xoxo


  2. Hers is the heart where the dagger still sticks
    Piercing the flesh with no chance to fix

    Hers is the soul in pieces- born new
    While blood runs from skin that the blade punched

    Hers is a mind which we all adore
    Battered and bruised and trapped behind the

    This sinking feeling- why do I know it?
    It’s like I’m falling but can’t yet show it
    She says it’s okay but I see in her eyes
    When that monster shouts
    A part of her dies


    Thanks for the inspiration, and for sharing another beautiful, sad poem, Bipolarmuse… <3

    I must be in a somber mood today. I was going to write an answering poem filled with hope to refute the darkness and it just ended up lamenting it instead. For shame!

    Oh well. Enjoy anyway, I guess?? <3 I couldn't think of a title.



    • I absolutely love this poem you put here… you have such a wonderful gift… Sad is usually how I roll but I too try to followup with something lighter. ♥ Good to hear from you Eris.


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