When I Fell

When I fell, you observed…

with weary melancholic eyes

and a tattered tired soul

that one devastating lie kept me blind.

When I fell, I broke…

shattered to shards…to bits.

reality wavered… forgotten…

in a sudden flash I lost all grip.

When I fell, you grinned.

Karma found its way back around to me…

Devastating…ravaging… horrifying

Was the lie ever real to you like it was to me?

© bipolarmuse 2012

15 thoughts on “When I Fell”

  1. Hers is the heart where the dagger still sticks
    Piercing the flesh with no chance to fix

    Hers is the soul in pieces- born new
    While blood runs from skin that the blade punched

    Hers is a mind which we all adore
    Battered and bruised and trapped behind the

    This sinking feeling- why do I know it?
    It’s like I’m falling but can’t yet show it
    She says it’s okay but I see in her eyes
    When that monster shouts
    A part of her dies


    Thanks for the inspiration, and for sharing another beautiful, sad poem, Bipolarmuse… <3

    I must be in a somber mood today. I was going to write an answering poem filled with hope to refute the darkness and it just ended up lamenting it instead. For shame!

    Oh well. Enjoy anyway, I guess?? <3 I couldn't think of a title.



    1. I absolutely love this poem you put here… you have such a wonderful gift… Sad is usually how I roll but I too try to followup with something lighter. ♥ Good to hear from you Eris.


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