My Blogging Friends

I just want to let you know that I am sorry that I haven’t been able to keep up with everybody’s blog. I have been reading as much as possible, even though I am not leaving many comments. I literally had over 4 thousand posts to go through a couple days ago and there is no way that I can read them all. Please bare with me… I am trying to get into a routine. LOL

Things are hectic but good and I plan on being more productive in blog land. ♥

18 thoughts on “My Blogging Friends”

  1. Enjoy the process, Muse – we all understand (and I’m kind of behind, too, trying to deal with health issues, sort through mounds of paperwork and prepare to pack – so I really hear you big time!) … we’re all still with you! :) xoxox


    1. LOL, I about fell over when I saw how many… but I hadn’t even checked my email in about a week.
      Thank you… I will indeed take care of what I need to…and then dive back into blog land. It is my therapy of sorts. :)


  2. I had a similar problem keeping up with reading posts (but with smaller numbers). I had to draw back and take a broader and more realistic view on my priorities. I have a tendency to completion addiction that I have to keep under control. I like a book and decide “I must collect everything they ever wrote!” or I like a song and decide “I must buy every piece of music they ever published and collect every bootleg concert”. Perhaps that rings a bell? :D


    1. Yes… I have my favorites that I always try to get though but sometimes I cannot finish each post. My routine is not established yet and I am finding I have very little time on my hands… or money. LOL


  3. Hee. It’s okay, Bipolarmuse. I can’t really blame you for not finding the time to read; your life is so busy right now. I’m confident it’ll come to you eventually~ just balance your activity with reasonability for to make sure you don’t become overwhelmed. I’m thankful enough to be able to count you among my friends without worrying about whether or not you read every little post I manage to spew onto a page. <3


    PS: Not that I'm digging at people who DO worry about that stuff. x3 Just that I don't think it's truly that important. People'll read what they get time to read. No sense worrying about it. It's easy to get lost in that cycle of obligation, but to be quite frank, if you end up with four thousand posts to read then there's no freakin' way you're gonna get through it all. It's not realistic or viable by any means.


    1. My thoughts exactly. I had to hit the delete button…it was just too much. I do love reading other blogs and will get back into it in due time. I won’t beat myself up over it. ♥


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