After Tonight

Hushed words and  gentle lips.

We dance in magnetism…

Enchanting, magical, rare.

A million thoughts, new beginnings…

Eyes so innocent, intensely stare.

My outside world vanishes…

Focused only on you, on passion.

Your lips softly whisper my name…

Each letter drops and takes flight…

Awakens this heat… ignites this flame.

After tonight, will you remember my name?

© bipolarmuse 2012



34 thoughts on “After Tonight”

  1. Morning’s Glory

    After last night
    I remember your name
    I remember the love and the heat of the flame
    I remember your heart and I’ve a piece of your soul
    Nestled within me
    Life within me

    A souvenir of that moment under stars
    Under lights
    Together we danced
    Do dance
    Now the flame
    Cooled to ashes but burning still
    An ember
    A piece of those stars
    Fusing us
    Holding us
    Pulling us together

    Electric and dangerous
    I want more of this
    From you
    Let’s be more than just
    A name
    Written out on skin
    Under stars and sky
    Slowly turning to day
    In the heat and the fray
    Of morning’s glory.

    Have an answering poem, if you please~ <3 (If you don't, just tell me!) I love the way you weave your words. Reading them let mine flow from me. Thank you for sharing your gift and inspiration. It's always so lovely the way they form such clear images in my mind. I can feel the heat from that poem. It's beautiful.



    1. Thank you Eris. I love your poem here.. it is a most wonderful complimenting piece. Your style and use of words is superb. I absolutely love it. ♥ Thank you for sharing this. ♥


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