Sometimes you step

into my dreams

As though you’ve belonged there

all along.

But even there,

can you not see…

You deserve no portion of me,

I’ve grown strong.


Once I lived, feeling only fractions of life,

half alive.

You took my heart,

you stole my soul.

An explosive war ensued to recapture

what is mine.

I may have collapsed to pieces…

now I am virtually whole.


I am no longer part of

your collection…

I am mine, I am me.

You didn’t need…

To let go, to release my glory

and imperfections,

I had to let go, release you,

and reclaim me…


Who are you to posses

so much power?

To have left me listless,

lacking life…

You never had that which

I didn’t hand over.

I feel the warmth of my heart and soul…

I breathe in life.


© bipolarmuse 2012

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