Just For Now

Just for now

Let us explore

the different tastes, the different textures

my lips brushing slightly

with yours.


Increasingly wanting…



for more.

Just for now

brush your thumb across my palm.

Hold ever so gently,

the back of my neck.

Pull me in closer…

feed into this energy,

share with me this heat.

  Tomorrow, I won’t be around.

It’s simply…

Just for now

© bipolarmuse 2012

27 thoughts on “Just For Now”

    1. LOL, I could only be so lucky. I am choosing to be single for quite some time… but while mingling with friends and watching things play out in their lives the other night… I tapped into those old feelings of lust/love and was inspired to write. The longer I am single and observing, the more poetry I will write along these lines I am sure. :)
      I like that phrase temporary love… I think I shall use it. ;)


      1. You’re welcome and I thought I was following you, but have never received your new posts…I re-followed, so hopefully that will help! I’m behind on reading all the time, so please bear with me, my intentions are good! And thank you for your kind words, as well! xx


      2. I have had a problem with receiving posts from those I follow and have had to “re-follow” some blogs. And I am wayyyyyy behind on reading…so I can relate. LOL


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