8 comments on “New Docs

  1. Muse, I’ll be going through this same process in just a couple of months myself, so I understand a little of what this entails. Sending positive thoughts, and wishing you all the best that you are blessed with some terrific new doctors! ~ Love, Julie xox


    • LOL, I didn’t have to kick him. It actually went very well and I got prescriptions for all of my meds while I am searching for a new PDoc. A kicking wasn’t needed… not today anyhow. :)


    • Settling in nicely. The Doc visit went well… I just need to find a Psych now and I am in the process of doing that. This Doc visit went well and they prescribed everything I was in need of until I found a Psych.
      I have been keeping busy with the big kids… having good times with them before their summer break is over. All in all, I am good. I do need to get a schedule down pat but things are still a little hectic and I still need to unpack the last of my things.
      Thank you for asking… I hope that all is well for you. ♥


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