Positive Affirmation for July.25.2012

Would you agree that these smiles are contagious??

Positive Affirmation: Today I choose to smile and be receptive to kindness.

How many of us go about our day with our heads hung down… staring at the ground as we walk?

I know I am often guilty of doing just that. Have you ever wondered what it feels like to hold your head high and look people in the eyes as you pass them, and offer a kind gesture… something as simple as a nod, a smile, a hello?

When we keep our head down, we are guarding ourselves from the kindness that may be bestowed upon us as well.

For today, for tomorrow, hold your head high. Look people directly in the eyes, say hello, or simply smile. When someone holds the door open for you, look them in the eye and thank them.

If we release this positivity and kindness, it will be returned. Just be receptive and less guarded.

You may be surprised at the difference it makes in your mood.

Choose to smile and choose to be receptive to kindness. ♥

15 thoughts on “Positive Affirmation for July.25.2012”

  1. Wow, those smiles are contagious – even Mario is grinning!
    You should add that to your daily list until it’s just a habit – every day greeted with a smile…


    1. Thank you Stuart! I absolutely love when my little babies have such huge smiles that it lights up their eyes. :)
      We can indeed brighten our world with our collective smiles. ♥


  2. Muse, those smiles are not only contagious, they’re positively beautiful! Thank you for the smiles today … :) xoxox


  3. It really DOES make a difference…..just being nice and courteous to strangers. I know that I am suprised when a stranger shows ME some kindness. Even grown men, holding doors open…..well, you know as well as I do, that just does not happen as often as it used to.


  4. Shall I call you “Muse?” I’m always searching for a name… :) I love this post! Love the positivity and your photo is beautiful and I agree with you…let’s hold our heads up and smile, spreading much needed happiness! :) xo


    1. Muse is perfect or Riss if you want something “real”. :)
      I lived recently in a more “poor” neighborhood, and I noticed something that I notice nowhere else… people walk with their heads up, and they look you in the eye…so I made a point of saying “hello”, and the kindness was always returned. But I want to apply it to every situation… and what a difference it makes simply to my own attitude.
      I am glad you liked this and agree… xoxo ♥


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