15 comments on “Positive Affirmation for July.25.2012

  1. Wow, those smiles are contagious – even Mario is grinning!
    You should add that to your daily list until it’s just a habit – every day greeted with a smile…


    • Thank you Stuart! I absolutely love when my little babies have such huge smiles that it lights up their eyes. :)
      We can indeed brighten our world with our collective smiles. ♥


  2. Muse, those smiles are not only contagious, they’re positively beautiful! Thank you for the smiles today … :) xoxox


  3. It really DOES make a difference…..just being nice and courteous to strangers. I know that I am suprised when a stranger shows ME some kindness. Even grown men, holding doors open…..well, you know as well as I do, that just does not happen as often as it used to.


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  5. Shall I call you “Muse?” I’m always searching for a name… :) I love this post! Love the positivity and your photo is beautiful and I agree with you…let’s hold our heads up and smile, spreading much needed happiness! :) xo


    • Muse is perfect or Riss if you want something “real”. :)
      I lived recently in a more “poor” neighborhood, and I noticed something that I notice nowhere else… people walk with their heads up, and they look you in the eye…so I made a point of saying “hello”, and the kindness was always returned. But I want to apply it to every situation… and what a difference it makes simply to my own attitude.
      I am glad you liked this and agree… xoxo ♥


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