Oh Where Oh Where Have I Been??

Ahhhh, the days are running together and I am still not settled completely because I have been running around having too much fun with my kids.  :) We go to dollar movies, hang out, swim, chill, more movies, relax… you get the picture.

My son and I have been going rollerblading weekly which has been super fun! Not down the good ol’ street because I would probably fall, but at a roller rink. My son is quite good and has been learning how to jump from forward skating to backward skating and I am envious of his skills. The first time we went, I was like a baby giraffe on wheels. Not pretty. And every time I turned a corner, my arms were flailing around trying to keep balance. Now that we have been a few times, I can even rollerblade on the uneven carpet in that old place… which is saying a-lot, trust me. LOL. I have become more steady, more daring, more comfortable and a hell of a-lot more confident. :-P Happily, I only fell once on the first skating excursion… bit it was a good fall. Nice and painful. And some girls were sure to tell my son all about it because he happened to miss the entertainment.

Son 1 rollerblading backwards.

So where else have I been?? I have been reading other blog. Starting with new posts and moving into the older ones I have missed. A couple of them that are so dang funny have me reaching far back into the archives. Good times.

My creative bug will be back. Very soon. I have been missing the blog-sphere and writing.

7 thoughts on “Oh Where Oh Where Have I Been??”

    1. Yes! It has been a wonderful time. I have been here nearly a month and it’s been healing and amazing. I miss the little babies, but in time, that will all come together as well. :)


  1. Sounds like you’re having a great time!
    Glad to hear that you’ve been wonderfully justified in relocating, and like Hotspur says, you playing with your kids definitely outweighs blogging!


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