Just Around The Corner!

Ahhhhhh… I have managed, with my limited funds, to get a plane ticket out to see my babies next month, and be there for my sons 7th birthday! I am elated, as I missed his birthday last year and celebrated it 2 months later with him. It really breaks my heart to miss these special times so I am so excited that I will be there this year.  :)

I am making them each a little photo album of pictures that begins when they were in my tummy until present day. They absolutely LOVE looking at their birth pictures and they get a kick out of what they call their “belly patches” (which in reality is their umbilical cords, LOL).  While visiting in February, the kids wanted to look at their birth pictures constantly (which I have uploaded to snapfish), and out of the blue while driving in the car, my son said, “Dad, did you know that we came out of my Mom’s toes and we had belly patches?” Bahahaha!! Of course we are not going to have the “where do babies come from” chat just yet, so we laughed our tooshes off at that and just let it be. In the birth pictures, they are not too graphic at all, and all the see is my feet in stirrups and PRESTO! Baby!

So yes, both my little ones were delivered through my toes and they had rockin’ “belly patches”. Ahhhh, from the mouths of babes.

13 thoughts on “Just Around The Corner!”

    1. Me too!! I fly in the day before. I think I will just surprise them and not let them know I am coming… if I can manage keeping it a surprise. LOL. I almost always can’t contain my excitement and tell them. :)


  1. Muse, that’s awesome, I’m thrilled for you! And I love the birthed from toes story; so adorable! ~ Love and hugs, Julie xoxox


  2. I’m happy you get to see your youngest on his birthday too. I wondered why you had to fly there (new to your blog). That made me sad. I checked your About page and saw that you don’t have custody. I am so so so sorry you don’t get to see them everyday. But I’m glad you get to see them now. Have a great time!


    1. I sure will!! I am so excited. The only bummer is that both kids will be in school this year. My littlest starts pre-K. :( I will use the time to go for walks and catch up on blog stuff. ♥


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