13 comments on “Just Around The Corner!

    • LOL, silhouettes are dominating this post for now.
      Thank you… I can’t wait to see them! I am picking up the photos for their little photobooks today. I am giddy.


  1. Muse, that’s awesome, I’m thrilled for you! And I love the birthed from toes story; so adorable! ~ Love and hugs, Julie xoxox


  2. I’m happy you get to see your youngest on his birthday too. I wondered why you had to fly there (new to your blog). That made me sad. I checked your About page and saw that you don’t have custody. I am so so so sorry you don’t get to see them everyday. But I’m glad you get to see them now. Have a great time!


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    • I sure will!! I am so excited. The only bummer is that both kids will be in school this year. My littlest starts pre-K. :( I will use the time to go for walks and catch up on blog stuff. ♥


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