24 comments on “Hamilton Wright Mabie Quote…Something To Ponder

    • Very true. I have spent so much time looking over that fence wanting other things when what I have isn’t bad. I am glad that it is a lesson that I have learned and accepted. ♥


  1. That was…. perfect. I’ve never been more impressed by you than I am right now. You are success! And no one would be able to tell you didn’t go to college OR that you once were unhappy from this post. It’s so eloquent and positive…


    • Exactly… and better than folding. Sadly, I have wanted to fold many times over. Now I am in a place where I will keep what I have… the good, bad, and the ugly. :)


    • Thank you Linda. I have been blessed to heal from such tragedies in life… and to have learned from them instead of being jaded. I love sharing these little epiphanies that come to me… it’s like another piece of the puzzle is put into place for me. ♥


  2. This is beyond a perfect post…wise, profound, honest and “enough.” I can relate to you in many ways and will commend you with a beautiful, inspirational post to start my week. You have more than enough and are very fortunate. Thank you for sharing your positivity! Hugs! xoxo


    • Thank you so much for your beautiful words. I am so happy to share my positivity! Where it seemed to never dwell, it has now become a fire. :) I am glad that you enjoyed this post… it makes me happy to have touched so many. ♥


  3. You found the person who you should be proud of the one in the mirror. Having a degree doesn’t validate you. You get credits for living. You learned about your illness and the drugs you take. If you want to know something research and study. You don’t need a piece of paper to say you are a learned person. Trust me there are people with a bunch of letters behind their names that are total idiots.

    As you say the grass is just as plush and green right where you stand. When it rains (cry) it only grows greener and plusher. I don’t have any letters behind my name, but I went to the school of self education.


    • Exactly! We indeed get credits for living this life don’t we?? It’s funny you mention doing the research and what not… I have a good friend who has asked me if I will take her children to their doctor appointments when she must work. Of course I would do it for her, even with no incentive. But what flattered me and made me proud was that she said she knew that I would look into their disabilities and research so that I would have the knowledge needed to be able to help her and ask the docs the right questions, etc.
      We indeed do not need degrees to be educated persons. ♥


  4. “Life has become beautiful… it always has been…pain just blocked it from my view…”

    Muse, this is one of the most beautiful quotes I’ve ever read. You are beautiful as well as wise – and I am so very proud of you! Much love to you my friend! ~ Julie xoxox


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