80,000 Hits by December 2012, Can It Be Done??

I began this blog here on the “press of the word” as an old beautiful blog friend liked to call it, in December 2011 and faithfully have posted each month since. I do have older posts that were written during the darkest moments of my blog life… if you like archives, feel free to dive in. You will definitely get a true sense of how far I have come as fellow blogger Edward Hotspur has expressed to me.

Since December 2011, this blog has had over 44,000 hits. I do not say this to brag but because I am ecstatic that it is reaching people… even if it is “accidentally” stumbled upon, as it has been by several who have emailed me to express their happiness at finding my blog.

My goal is to try to get 40,000 more hits by my 1yr anniversary in December. Which means I better start stepping up on my posts, and on my reading of the blogs I am subscribed to… And I should branch out and read new blogs, to make more friends in this blogosphere.

I believe it can be done… and if I do not hit that number… that is quite alright by me. I just want to reach whoever needs to read what I am saying, whoever needs inspiration, whoever doesn’t need to feel alone, whoever loves poetry, whoever would enjoy my blog world.

Cheers to blogging success!! p.s. I am using sweetened tea to “cheer” this morning, it is not quite time for an alcoholic libation. LOL

26 thoughts on “80,000 Hits by December 2012, Can It Be Done??”

  1. Congratulations on the 40,000 blog hits, Muse, and sending you lots of positive energies to match that in the months ahead!

    Hey, you and I began our blogs the same time – how cool! :) xox


  2. I have already been sharing your blog with some of my friends (sorta, they’re my parent’s friends) and they have been very faithful readers. :D I think we can achieve that goal! I wanted to get 5,000 views by my one year anniversary and I already achieved that goal :)


    1. Congrats on accomplishing your goal! That is always a great feeling isn’t it?? I also appreciate that you have shared my blog with others…Thank you so much for doing that. ♥


      1. it is a wonderful experience. i think it is way better than holding onto pieces to send to lit journals because you see the results of what you did in a speedier time frame. i will keep writing muse:)


      2. exactly….it does good to put it there,but it’s better to let it out there so you can see where you are at through other eyes. did send you message on that other social site, but you may have been busy for a few days.


  3. Hey, it’s five o clock somewhere, right? KIDDING!!!! LOL
    I wish you the very best of luck and have no doubt as to your abilities. There are so many more who can benefit from your words and i am happy to see your desire to keep that fire bright! Cheering you on and supporting you 100%!!!! Much love and best wishes to you, sweetie!


  4. Hope you make it! I know I haven’t been around in a while to comment, but your posts come to my email and I’m trying to keep up. You know what’s been going on with me, so you know things take a bit more time than they used to right now.
    So glad you have been able to spend more time with your children, and keep growing as a person.
    continued good luck to you my friend.


    1. I know you do dear friend. I can’t imagine what your daily routine is like but I know it isn’t easy. I hope that all is well for you. I need to go to your blog, I had noticed I had an email notification that you had posted… :)


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