Baby Picture Books

LOL, I refer to my little ones as babies even though they are now 4 1/2 and 7 (next month)… but all of my children will always be my babies! I am sure the parents out there can understand just what I mean.

Since I am getting the chance to go see the little ones for my sons birthday, I have put together 2 photobooks, one for each of the little ones with pictures from their birth showing off their “belly patches”, (umbilical cords) as they like to call it, to our most recent visit with all of us together. I also included some family pics of my side of the family that they haven’t seen in a while so they “see” who their other grandma and grandpa is… Aunts, Uncle, cousins, etc.

Right now, the babies are at the stage where everything has to be near identical. If I put a heart on a certain page, I better put it on the same page of the others book… same goes for smiley faces and I love yous. So I wrote them each a little Haiku and wrote on the inside page of their photobooks. I got these from the 99cent only store and for a 1$ a piece, I am impressed at these little books.

Here’s the Haiku for each:

For my son: Your hands hold my heart

                     And your love lights up my life

                                 Forever my boy

For my daughter: Your love is my world

                           The sunshine to warm my heart

                                           Forever my girl

Hopefully they each like their books and that there is zero fighting over poems or hearts or anything. :) I am just so excited to get there. Just 34 days to go. ♥

27 thoughts on “Baby Picture Books”

  1. when my boy and girl were kids, they were so competitive! I had to make sure I filled their cups up exactly to the same spot. I even had to make sure I handed them there snacks and drinks at the same time, or it would be “I got mine first!” match lol


      1. YOU FOUND ME :)
        I gotta sleep xoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxo To an awesome week ahead – = ALL THE GOOD ENERGY IN THE WORLD TO U XO


  2. those are very cool of which i don’t have anything like it. as you mention that your children are your babies, and well, i would certainly expect that. as for what a guy might say, they might say, they’ve reached adulthood and it’s a wonderful experience to watch them reach for different things in life. doesn’t mean that might not have a struggle or two. but as a guy, it’s nice to see them take different things from a father and incorporate into their lives too. as to your haikus, they are very nice. i can tell you that my kids will read them, but they aren’t into it like i am. you said said something in one of your previous posts about past archives. i’ll have to check that out as long as i didn’t do an accidental delete. hope your evening went well:))


      1. Glad you had a great weekend too. :) Mine was busy. Glad that tomorrow is Monday… hoping to take the big kids ice skating… maybe I can get some pics of it. :)


      2. i live too far away from vegas to even know that they even had some sort of hockey team. there is only a couple things i know its known for and one is the obvious one and another one i don’t think i’ll put down here..*LOL*


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