27 comments on “Baby Picture Books

  1. when my boy and girl were kids, they were so competitive! I had to make sure I filled their cups up exactly to the same spot. I even had to make sure I handed them there snacks and drinks at the same time, or it would be “I got mine first!” match lol


  2. those are very cool of which i don’t have anything like it. as you mention that your children are your babies, and well, i would certainly expect that. as for what a guy might say, they might say, they’ve reached adulthood and it’s a wonderful experience to watch them reach for different things in life. doesn’t mean that might not have a struggle or two. but as a guy, it’s nice to see them take different things from a father and incorporate into their lives too. as to your haikus, they are very nice. i can tell you that my kids will read them, but they aren’t into it like i am. you said said something in one of your previous posts about past archives. i’ll have to check that out as long as i didn’t do an accidental delete. hope your evening went well:))


  3. Hi Don… :) My son likes Edgar Allan Poe and I am hoping that he begins to enjoy poetry…. maybe I can get him to read some of mine. ♥
    Hope you had a great weekend!


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