Would I Steer You Wrong??

Ok my peeps. I am sure you have noticed that I very rarely re-blog anything. RARELY. Not that I don’t find things I would like to share, I just usually keep it to my own bloggy stuff and that’s that.

Well, I have done a couple re-blogs lately and feel I need to mention this blog to you. It is HILARIOUS. And in a simple way. I get the best laughs with the least amount of effort from this blog…and I say that with all the affection and blog love in the world.

Please check out Bring Me The Head Of David Dixon. Look through a few of the posts there and make your own educated decision. But break out the funny person in you… this blog, while at times, thought provoking…at times it makes me spill my beverage with unexpected laughter bellowing out of my face.

I swear David Dixon, if I ruin my laptop over spilled drinks… we will have to toast to it!

Again… in case you missed it…

Bring Me The Head Of David Dixon– CHECK IT

Here is a prime example: have fun, be careful

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