Magic Mike


I must admit that I took my daughter to see Magic Mike when it came out.

I was not thrilled with the movie at all… of course some parts were fun to watch, but I wasn’t happy with the movie in general.

What really surprised me though was how my “view” of Channing Tatum changed. I have never been a fan of his and in all honesty he has annoyed me. All the girls go crazy over him and I am left scratching my head and wondering “why”… LOL. Well, this move kicked me into Tatum gear and I now say “why not”… HAHAHA. But I must admit that I love watching a man who knows how to hip hop dance…so in reality, the lust may not be for Tatum himself… but the artful expression of hip hop. Maybe. Don’t hate.

Here is a little video click. Ladies, you may like it… Gentleman, got to respect the art.  ;)

17 thoughts on “Magic Mike”

      1. i didn’t recognize him. you seem to be more updated on that stuff. i catch a flick every now and then. just so you know i sent you a follow up. will be hitting hay soon, so no rush:)


  1. I am not as a rule into men but magic mike, that is who is dancing, he is HOT! I agree on Tatum. He kind of bores me. Hip Hop oon the othr hand is way cool. Love some good rap. Real Eminem fan and loved Tupak. I get into the strangest collection of music; Totally love dance an most kinds. I use to do it myself. 7 nights a week til dawn. dancing like a fool & drinking and drugging. It was the thing then. Poppers. What they are called now, i have no idea. but they would blow your mind out if you were dancing while doing them. Oh for the stoner days. I loved me some dancing. Fun post. <3 the video. jennifer


    1. LOL, I took you back to a fun place in time! :) I really like a wide array of music myself but I sure love hip hop and watching them dance. Maybe it should be on my bucket list to take a hip hop dancing class. :)
      And I love Eminem too… he is amazing.


      1. that sounds like fun. dancng is so much fun. as i said i use to do it quite often and then i broke my ankle for the second time. the car made impact into a telephone poll. shattered my ankle. i’ve been doing phyical therapy recently to get some of my balance back but no good enough let go the way i use to. you should take a hip-hop class. that would be so exciting. I spelled Tupac wrong. Did you ever get to see him act. He had a lotof promise. He did a film with Tim Roth. They were buddies on unemployment or welfare but they kept getting screwed over. If i remember correctly it was a dramatic comedy. don’t remember the name but that’s when i first came into contact with tupac. it so sucked that he was murdered over what, some bloody code or territory. shit that sucks.

        i followed your lead, i am really getting into writing Haiku Poetry. It bends the mind and is kind of trippy, at least that is the effect it has on me. I’ve written about 12 or 13 in the past few weeks. I must say i need an image to go with them to be inspired. the image speaks to me, not in voices ;-) but the words come into my mind afer I study the makeup or purpose behind the image. it’s fun to come up with the words that make sense to the image and have the right court and then the twist at the end.

        well, good luck on the hip-hop. jen


      2. I will have to look for that movie. Tupac was amazing as well. He died here in Vegas… I remember it too well. A life lost for absolutely nothing. He was a very intelligent man and I like to use his quotes from time to time.
        The Haiku’s are so fun aren’t they. I like to use imagery as well for the inspiration. I have been into them a-lot and after your last email about what I thought about poetry style, I have been trying more of a freestyle type with my last couple poems. I like to just write but sometimes I get caught up into the rhyming scheme which I do like as well… but freestyle sure has its place. I like to be able to express myself however I please.
        I keep rewatching this channing dance video… it gets my day going right. LOL. I think I like the baseball cap too… makes him hotter. Gotta recognize hotness when you see it. LOL. I don’t usually have a thing for chicks but when I see a beautiful one, I gotsta recognize. ;)


      3. I think for my state of mind I should stick to Haiku for awhile. The rapid mood chages is starting to mess rather badly with my mind. So maybe before I go to sleep i should an assortment of Haiku poems. I wll write you more later,it is almosg 7am and I have been writing some of the more bizarre comments. so it probably means i need sleep.

        any word on the dancing pursuit? I will stop on later to see what you have been xreating. I try to check the reader everyday but don’t always find everyones posting. ien


  2. I hate how Hollywood portrays men as these sex objects, instead of people. And they show these impossible people, all doctored up with lighting and editing. Real people can’t compete with that. It sends a terrible message to the young men out there, that they have to be perfect or else I am just kidding because it’s not the same for men. We don”t really give a crap about stuff like that.


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