Broke On 5

Ice when I look at you… from the darkest depths of your eyes.

How did we get here?

Oh, I remember…

I stumbled, I fell…

Remain looked down upon.

“Sorry” has cracked, shattered…in shreds, shards…

Falls from my lips…


Did it matter that I said it?

That I meant it?

I never could tell.

But meant it I did.

Still do.

Do you recognize today? Does your heart hurt for some reason unknown?

Mine does,

but I know.

I know you only look ahead…

so I will take the chance

And look back  for you.

8 years it would have been.

My favorite number.

But we got lost on 5.

Lost on 5.

Broke on 5.

© bipolarmuse 2012


16 thoughts on “Broke On 5”

    1. Agreed.
      I must say he is a great person. I was the one who did wrong… but there was something obviously wrong before hand.
      My frustrations at not receiving a second chance often comes out when I write… but I think that is just good therapy. :)


  1. Great writing. Spoke to me, as it is only one month for me doing terribly wrong… not 8 years. Will regret the loss and the mistake for twice that long, I believe.


  2. i can certainly feel this one here. i guess when it comes to circumstances it provides to things – therapeutic as you said, and then it creates depth in the form of insights – what not do the next time. i will say as for myself i didn’t have much common sense early on in adulthood. i had to learn that by the process of experience.


  3. Wow! I was having a thought like this earlier this morning. Love when i can connect to what’s so beautifully expressed in poetry. Your poem expresses the beauty in the pain, the time past.


    1. Indeed part of life. It is odd how these days creep up on you without warning. I just didn’t feel “right” and looked at the date… then it dawned on me… would have been our 8 yr anniversary. And the poem flowed. Thank you for reading. ♥


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