16 comments on “Broke On 5

    • Agreed.
      I must say he is a great person. I was the one who did wrong… but there was something obviously wrong before hand.
      My frustrations at not receiving a second chance often comes out when I write… but I think that is just good therapy. :)


  1. Great writing. Spoke to me, as it is only one month for me doing terribly wrong… not 8 years. Will regret the loss and the mistake for twice that long, I believe.


    • I understand your pain. It does take a long time to let go… just be patient and kind to yourself. Everyone makes mistakes… learning from them is the important part. ♥


  2. i can certainly feel this one here. i guess when it comes to circumstances it provides to things – therapeutic as you said, and then it creates depth in the form of insights – what not do the next time. i will say as for myself i didn’t have much common sense early on in adulthood. i had to learn that by the process of experience.


  3. Wow! I was having a thought like this earlier this morning. Love when i can connect to what’s so beautifully expressed in poetry. Your poem expresses the beauty in the pain, the time past.


    • Indeed part of life. It is odd how these days creep up on you without warning. I just didn’t feel “right” and looked at the date… then it dawned on me… would have been our 8 yr anniversary. And the poem flowed. Thank you for reading. ♥


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