Men, Boys… Boys, Men


I have seriously got to get over my thing for younger guys. SERIOUSLY. I am not talking about cradle robbing perversion… but too young for my age and goals. I have only dated a couple men my age and the rest are generally 5 or more years younger. I believe it is partially because I attract younger men and partially because they attract me. Don’t get me wrong… I have seen some men my age and older that get my attention, but they are far and few in between.


I don’t know.

Maybe it has something to do with the thought that a younger man will be less permanent because their goals are much different from mine… so it is a security thing for me because I don’t have to deal with the seriousness of a “real potential” type of relationship. Then again, I just got out of a relationship with a man 5 yrs younger than me that wanted the same things but for reasons too heavy for me to accept, I ended it.

The younger guys have got to go.

There must be a reason I choose “unavailable” men… and tend to like them a hell of a-lot more.

Time to Psychoanalyze myself.

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