Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award!

I want to thank Kim, Silently heard once, for gracing me with this awesome award. Please check out her blog and see what an amazing person that she is. I have been touched by her kindness and wisdom. Thank you so much Kim for thinking of me. ♥

Now for the rules:

A.  Thank the person who passed this award onto you… Thank you Kim!!!
B.  7 things about me
            1.    I love my short hair.
            2.    I love to learn new things.
            3.    I love to sing.
            4.    I enjoy my alone time.
            5.     I like the night and am in awe with the moon and stars.
            6.     I am an aries and it fits me well.
            7.    My earth element is fire, which also fits me well.  :)

** I am breaking the rules by not nominating 7 more female bloggers. I love all the blogs I follow… please take this award for yourself if you want to participate. ♥ **

25 thoughts on “Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award!”

    1. I am glad that it lifts you up a bit. I don’t know all of your struggles but I understand you have some. Please know that there is a light in that darkness. I would have never believed it myself for YEARS. I am so lucky/blessed to be where I am at. I have missed you my friend. ♥


  1. Muse how cool! I love my short hair too! Also I love the night sky, especially when Venus is spotted close (under) the moon, I am an Aries also


    1. Very cool to learn we have some things in common! I love to see Venus as well. My daughter has an amazing app on her IPad where you aim it at the sky and it will name everything up there. We lay on the trampoline and learn the constellations and planets that are visable. It is so cool! LOL
      p.s. Aries rock…as does short hair!!! LOL


  2. Congratulation hugs are in order, Muse, and this is a very cool award! I am also an Aries and singing was my passion in my younger years, in which I had my spotlight moments and was going to pursue it. Then, I chose a different path, but it will always be important (even though my voice has changed now)! Anyway, congrats and stay happy! ♥


    1. I love being an aries, we are a passionate group aren’t we?? LOL.
      I love to sing and use to practice and practice all the time. I was never the greatest but I did better than I gave myself credit for. After thyroid surgery, my voice has not been the same… but it has gotten better over the years. :)
      Thank you Lauren, I intend to work hard at staying happy. :)


      1. Sometimes, we all have to work hard at being happy, in the “place” where we’re at and it’s not easy…but it sounds like you’re doing wonderfully! :)

        p.s. I still don’t know what to call you, so I’ve chosen “Muse” as others have done; hope that’s okay! :)


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