26 comments on “Sleep Malfunction

    • Sherline! It is good to hear from you my friend. I have been having a hard time keeping up on my reading so forgive my lack of presence on your blog. I am trying to catch up though. LOL
      Sleep is so very important. More than we know. ♥

  1. I didn’t realize the importance sleep plays when one has a personality disorder (is that “right” to say?).

    • Not for the personality disorders… but for the “mood” disorders. Sleep can very much affect our moods, and lack of sleep will swing you right into a mania spell if you are Bipolar 1… hypo-mania for Bipolar 2. That is why they stress “sleep hygiene” so much when it comes to any mood disorder…and if you notice, it is one of the first questions they ask you when you see the Doc… “how’s your sleep”. On the flip side… I know I am depressed when I can sleep 12+ hours without the use of my sleeping meds. It is a fine balance that must be maintained and sleep is at the heart of it. Very interesting.

      • Yes, interesting, indeed. As I get older, I certainly notice how lack of sleep really affects my moods. It makes sense about the 12+ hrs sleep. I’m the same way…..feeling tired all the time is certainly my red flag that I may have a couple following days’ struggle.

  2. It is a form of meditation your practicing. I hope it helps and you start to sleep better. I do a relaxation from my toes up one area at a time when I am experiencing troubles going to sleep.

    • Thank you for reading and commenting. I like your method as well and have practiced it too. I actually have an audio relaxation cd that walks you through the steps with soft music and so on. Before it finishes, I am usually asleep. Now the key is to be able to implement it without the use of the cd. That is something I want to practice as well.
      Thank you for the reminder. ♥

  3. did i tell you that i’m using lavender for sleep. one can get the liquid potpourri and that basin and tea lights (tiny candles). there are always options for the sleep thing other than psych meds. from what i’m reading here, you certainly are working your plan as you need for health. i like that:)

    • i like lavender. I do have some lavender essential oil that I drip onto my pillow every now and again. i love to blend it with patchouli which is odd because it is such a strong earthy scent.

      • the problem i had with lavender in direct contact with me was it made my skin break out. i haven’t heard of patchouli, but will be checking on that soon. it’s a nice tip to know about.

  4. I suffer from Dysthymia (also known as neurotic depression), and it too is a mood disorder consisting of chronic depression. I went on for years without being diagnosed. Sleep IS the first question I’m asked by my regular doctor, my pulmonary doctor (for sleep apnea disorder), my psychiatrist, and my therapist. You’d think between the 4 of them I could sleep, but I’ve been suffering from bouts of insomnia now for nearly 7 weeks now. I’ve tried meditation, the audio relaxation and the lavender, and sometimes they do work. But then I have trouble staying asleep. It seems I take a pill for everything…to wake up, to feel “happy”, to reduce anxiety, to relieve the depression, to get to sleep, to stay asleep…I tend to think my body’s wearing so fast and I’m only middle-aged. What’s another 20 years going to look like—I hate imaging it. Anyway I do like your writing and enjoy reading your blogs even when it’s 3 a.m. my time and have yet to feel tired after working a 14 hour day.

    • I am glad that you read, thank you. ♥
      I understand what you mean. I take 6 different medications, and I wonder what they are doing to my body all the time. You would think that sleep would be easier to treat but getting to sleep and staying asleep are the most difficult for me as well. I have never met anyone with your mood disorder before, though I have read about it. Is it a constant flip from “normal” to depression??
      I should research it and do a post about it.

      • Well, I’d certainly read it! I’m always looking for other methods to reduce stress and my chronic osteoarthritis although I’ve been told that I’m too young for knee replacments…so I wait. The constant “flip” you talk about is sort of true, but lately due to lack of sleep, I’m more like flipping from moderate to severe depression some days. I can’t get out of bed; I don’t want to face the world or another day at work. It’s as if this giant piston is holding me down pressing all the air out of my lungs and the will to survive. I read someone’s blog last night/early morning that said that “there are worse things than death” and I’ve come to realize its true meaning.

        Thanks for responding; I appreciate you for it!—D

      • Indeed there are worse things than death. What I hated most was feeing like i was burried alive in my own skin. I have been at severe lows where I totally understand what you are describing. It is brutal and so hard to pull out of at times. Do you try to force yourself to do something you once enjoyed doing?? Or have a gratitude list? I know that both of these things do help me. <3

      • A gratitude list is not something I would practice, but thank you for the suggestion. Also my sister encourages me to do the things I used to like doing, but there are physical limitations with osteoarthritis that toys with my joints. Pain can flare instantly, which makes it difficult to stay AHEAD of the pain with meds.

        Every bit ties into everything else; it’s like my body has become co-dependant upon itself. It says “okay, your not going to sleep tonight because you haven’t taken care of my pain well enough” or my mind might tell itself “why do I bother when this body doesn’t listen.” I’ve already abandoned television and other noise pollution when I’m at home. I have begun to practice silence focusing on the acceptance of this is what I am…for now…understanding that this is temporary…just relaxing my mind hoping my body will follow. I better go and continue practicing!

      • “silence focusing on the acceptance of this is what I am…for now…understanding that this is temporary…just relaxing my mind hoping my body will follow.”
        This is excellent for all of us, mood disorders or not, to practice and heed. Thank you for this reminder. :)

      • Thank you for reading and caring enough to reply to my comments. I have to remind myself of this every single minute of every single day. Breathe…just breathe…for now.

      • You are welcome. I am always here if you just need to vent. I am a good listener. My email address is located under the “Contact Me” page if you ever want or need someone to talk to. ♥

  5. If I get less than 6 hours, the aggravation of my depression is immense. I might as well stay in a closet during the next day. Not only is my self hatred radically intensified, but paranoia sets in heavily and I am sure that everyone I encounter hates me just as much as I do. Sleep is critical for me.

    • Thank you for sharing this about yourself Carl… it is very interesting to see how sleep affects each of us. It is also very critical for me… and it is something i take very seriously.

  6. I’m reading this a few days later. I hope that you’ve been getting enough sleep now. Suggestion could you call your previous doc for a recommendation. Also I find sugar in any form candy, cookies or teas tend to make me hyper and it keeps me restless and unable to sleep. I do that clear the mind too. It does take work but eventually I fall off to sleep. It is 4am I woke up about an hour go. Restless and started reading emails. Think I’m going to try emptying my mind.

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