The World Is A Conveyer Belt Buffet

Hahahaha!!! So, as I was having a conversation with one of my roommates, we got into the topic of relationships. Ya know, the “love” kind… “she likes him, he likes her, or maybe she likes her”… etc.

Me “falling” for someone, or getting all puppy dog love sick just isn’t going to happen… not anytime soon anyhow.

Lust… perhaps. Love… absolutely not.

I do not have the desire, and the mind games are just too much for me. I know, I know… true relationships with good intentions will not have mind games, blah, blah… I hear ya.

So we were discussing this, and I said flat out, “I do not want to settle down in any way, shape, or form. I am on a road to self discovery which means I want to do alot of discovering”. LOL, no, this does not mean I want to be a promiscuous little hussy, but I do want to learn more about WHO I am. I want to know what makes Bipolarmuse tick, what I want, what I like, what makes my world a better place. I want to be in love with myself! THEN, I will allow someone into my life who compliments the person I am and the journey I am on.



Thank you my Roomie for the best laugh of the night.

13 thoughts on “The World Is A Conveyer Belt Buffet”

  1. looks like a good thought out move to me. especially the part about wanting to discover who exactly you are. this will also help you strengthening already known strengths as well as working on some that need a little attending to. i really don’t think that you are too far away from what you say what makes you tick.:)


    1. Very true… I have been very lucky and have learned so much in just over a year. I look forward to finding out more about myself and working on the things that need to be worked on. :)


  2. Nothing at all wrong with that, sweetheart! There is much wisdom in your thinking and choices…..only wish this could be known at an earlier age when our lives are just beginning, eh? lol Better a little late than never…..You have so much ahead of you, so much to look forward to, my dear……so happy for how far you have come….I can hear the happiness, peace, and expectation in your ‘voice’, and it is contagious! Carry on love, blazing a trail into the horizon!
    All the best for you, my friend….


    1. Ya know, I certainly wish these lessons were learned at a much younger age, but I will take it now, as I know that some people never grasp on and learn these things. Thank you for the wonderful compliment… I am so happy you can hear this happiness and peace in my voice. I certainly have waited a long time for it… I am surely not going to waste a moment. ♥


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