Let Things Flow ~ Lao Tzu

Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them – that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like. ~ Lao-Tzu

Resistance to what “is” causes much unwanted heartache. I have mentioned it time and again… and it is an excellent point worth mentioning often.

Change is absolutely inevitable. There is no way to stop change from occurring in any aspects of our lives. As I have learned again, very recently, even the best laid plans with the greatest of intentions can be derailed. Not always in a bad way, but, like my case, even “good” derailments come along. What is the best reaction?? Re-evaluate, and then go with the flow.

Sometimes unexpected events, people, or “life changes” will make an entrance into our lives. This is nothing to fear or any reason to beat ourselves up over… life throws curve balls. The best option is to look at the “unexpected” non-judgmentally… look at it with an open mind and with an open heart. Ask yourself if it is adding or taking away from the quality of your life and then react accordingly. Obviously, something that causes a change that is not good for you, or is unhealthy for who you are, must be dealt with accordingly. But something that unexpectedly pops up into your bubble… if this something is good… be open, be mindful, be accepting to the possibility that, though it wasn’t originally in your plans, your plans can be changed.

Go with the flow. You may enjoy where it leads.

22 thoughts on “Let Things Flow ~ Lao Tzu”

  1. Easy to suggest harder to follow, very wise words, I guess it’s a matter of learning to put the words into practice and to go against our natural instinct to resist the flow, rather than to just go with it, as it pulls us in the direction of it’s currents.


    1. Angel, you are very right. It certainly is not a natural course for us to just go with. I have spent my life resisting. LOL. I like to do these type of posts for others to benefit from but also as a reminder to me… to cheer myself on when things pop up unexpectedly. I share my searching for knowledge. ♥
      I need to swing by your blog and catch up over there… I hope all is well for you and I love hearing from you. :)


    1. Very true. This certainly does not pertain to all things. My sons abuse is a good example. It has never been acceptable to me that that happened and it never will be. I have had to learn how to move forward with what happened and I have learned to stop blaming myself for it. Accept “it”, no.
      The good somethings are certainly a nice change and I welcome them with open arms. LOL.


  2. that’s really a great quote and could even be like a motto as well. change can be one of the hardest especially if we see it and don’t want to accept it. eventually that “change” can be a great teacher for life.


  3. Exactly, Muse! I’ve learned: If I like the change, all is good and I can go with that. If I don’t like it and can’t ignore it, change it … if I can’t change it …put my big-girl panties on and just go through it, go with the flow. My stewing isn’t going to help anything, and I’d rather act, even if all that means is that I make a decision to just ‘go with it’ … lol. (I hope that made some sense, because I had to take another pain pill and I have fuzzy tongue and brain, hehehe.) xox


    1. That made complete sense to me and I do very similar to what you do with change.
      It is better on us to go with the flow that resist if we can’t change it… otherwise we cause ourselves more unneeded suffering. ♥


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