Wrapped Around Your Finger…

Bound. Naughty straps

to hold me down…

hurt me

squeeze me

tease me

please me

Teach me things, your perfect doll.

Flip my world

Upside down.

Pulses racing. Every inch of me

on fire… blazing.

show me

teach me

choke me

slap me

Train my mind just right.

Wet, raining, lust raging…

wrapped around your finger…

so tight.

© bipolarmuse 2012

29 thoughts on “Wrapped Around Your Finger…”

    1. You are right Ben… much more has to be in play for this to come together and be enjoyable in the first place… not to mention it is not the sole (soul) route to explore as you mention. Just a small exploration of life in the grander scheme. I always appreciate your comments and opinion my friend. :)


      1. I have enough trust in you, and in my opinion of me to comment as I do. We inch forward together, I believe. Thank you for your trust, when such trust can be so hard won. I am honoured you name me friend.


    1. LOL!! Edward, you always know how to make me laugh, I love it. I think this poem is going to be artfully framed with a similar type of picture, but myself in the photo… for the inspiration behind it. I think it will make an interesting conversation piece. :-D


      1. Oh, guess not… anyway, I’ve tried to say, who do you trust enough to tie you up and take a picture… ONLY take a picture? And where will you hang it, because, you know, kids…


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