How bout Some Bubble Gum Pop

I have this little addiction to bubble gum pop music and this song has been on my favs list since I first heard it.

No, it is not “Call Me Maybe”, though that tune is quite catchy when I am at the roller rink or ice skating rink…

This song is by Cher Lloyd… called Want U Back.

Nothin’ wrong with a little bubble gum pop from time to time…and hey, at least this time it isn’t Bieber. Bahahaha

13 thoughts on “How bout Some Bubble Gum Pop”

  1. Oh no….you didn’t. I love pop music like the rest of you. However, my love, this song curdles my blood (and we all know how that turns out, in prose).
    The only cool thing about this song is the grunt…’s how I feel when it comes on the radio.
    As far as “roller skating rink” music, you’re right on!


  2. haven’t heard this. a fun type tune. lyrics sound. i’d have to say though this one would have stay in the home but not to the car. i play my music LOUD and i’d probably get some strange looks from guys….*L*


      1. i thought you’d like my humorous comment. you should take a look at the two cheesy vids i put up on FB. the first not as cheesy as the second. the first is ridin solo and the other is cookie jar….*L*


      2. i don’t know if you have, but the lyrics to ridin solo are actually pretty good. a nice little metaphor in it. i hope you’ve had a great day today. i’m off to do a reading and have a couple brews in erie.


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