Here On Earth With Me ~ Blackout Poem

Imagine being away from you.

Excruciating, painful.

I will take all that I can get.

Similar souls…

Under the dark sky,

In awe with you.

My love growing, untamed.

Under the shimmering stars…melt together.


Fallen for you.

Tears in my eyes,

I want you happy.

I love


more about you than I thought

was possible.

I love you



Wonderfully perfect.

Spoil me.

Your “everything”…

Love incarnate…

makes me ache.

Makes me fucking melt.

Beautiful view…


Palms to palms… hard embrace…

fingers intertwined and locked.

Look up at the stars and moon…

realize heaven does not exist in the celestial body

but here on earth…

with me.

Will never let you go.

© bipolarmuse 2012

** Blackout poem taken from letters written back and forth between myself and a wonderfully amazing man that has shown me a whole new world.**

21 thoughts on “Here On Earth With Me ~ Blackout Poem”

  1. do you share these wonderful intense with you love incarnate? Seems like great foreplay (giggle). You express your passion so well, so real. Lets the reader know that you know what you are writing about! ;-)


      1. enjoy yourself! You deserve it more than anyone!!! If he ever does anything hurtful, just let me know and I will set him straight lol! ;-)


      1. anytime…and if you got time, which i don’t know, you might like a piece i wrote called “fill the void” as it has a little family history to it. way different from what you have seen:)


  2. you really get to the core. the passion in your words-i know what you feel but it always seems to be in a fantasy. the object of my affection are real but must keep the words mostly in my head or in cryptic poems. one who i feel this way about knows my love. it can never happen but it fires up my muse and explodes on the page. your passion defintely does the same. your poem coming from those intense letters captures the depth. did you ever have a relationship where the phone replaced the pen and paper. In my way younger days, it could get pretty mind blowing. anyway, i just stopped by to listen again to your video and ended up definitely downloading the mp3. after i work some things out in my haiku i think i am going to take my poetry and writing in a totally different direction. might be good for my soul. thanks. your poem and you are an inpsiration. jen ♥


    1. That is awesome! I am excited to see what direction your poems will take. My latest poems are certainly very person… my muse keeps me wanting and needing more. I am not use to writing this subject matter but it comes so easy with him. ♥


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