27 comments on “Bipolar Quote ~ Kay Redfield Jamison ~

  1. i’ve got two books by her. as a physchiatrist also, and in her own memoir so to speak of her bout with this player of the mind. i found her to be quite insightful. not only that some of the things she said, i had in my head, but yet hadn’t determine if my feel was the right one. you know muse, you are winning and winning with a smile. i’m glad that we are polar players on the press here:)


  2. And now you’re winning! that’s the most important thing. I’m working on it too. I believe the scales are beginning to tip for me — not the scales from depression to mania and back, but the scales from extreme moods to moderation.


  3. “it feels like a drug… feels amazing. The need for sleep vanishes, you become more daring, become a social butterfly… the world fits in the palm of my hand… it revolves around me.”

    A really good way of putting it.

    Feels good to be winning doesn’t it :)


  4. You blew me away…felt as if you were speaking to me! And yes, I read the part about— “The need for sleep vanishes… the world fits in… palm of my hand… revolves around me.” I don’t honestly know what to do with “this depression” or “this whatever it is”. I need it to stop!


    • The depression is emotionally draining. It strips you of every joy you have… hang in there and keep fighting. It won’t come over night, but it will come… have faith and patience.


      • The ‘faith’ I have comes from community and nature…not theism, but I thank you for reminding me. I’ll be the one hanging off the side of the cliff by her fingernails… :o


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